Krishnadasi: Open war amid Aradhya & Purva for Aryan

Jun 16, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Aradhya comes to know of Purva's hypnosis trap, Purva challenges Aradhya to expose her in front of Aryan

After taking viewers through the Aradhya’s (Sana Amin Sheikh) possession track planted by Purva and Kaveri, next up in Colors’ show Krishnadasi is Aradhya and Purva coming out in front of each other for battle over Aryan (Shravan Reddy). Soon Krishnadasi will witness fight amid Aradhya’s love for Aryan and Purva’s love for Aryan’s money.

Apparently, Aradhya will come to know the reality of her weird behavior and she will catch Purva and Kaveri’s plan of hypnotizing her to behave like mad. Krishnadasi is surely gearing up to bring some spice in the show. Read further to get the full story.

It was recently reported that Aradhya gets gravely injured as Purva pushes Aradhya off the window during an argument. Aradhya loses oozes of blood and surprisingly Tulsi’s blood group doesn’t match with Aradhya’s. Shashwat’s blood group matches with Aradhya but Aaba forces Aryan to sign the divorce papers if Aryan wishes to save Aradhya. Helpless Aryan signs the divorce papers so that Shashwat can donate blood to her.

However, to Aaba’s shock and disappointment Aradhya refuses to sign the divorce papers. Aradhya wants to live with Aryan and wants to give their relation a chance and time. Purva gets furious with Aradhya and decides to get her hypnotized again with Kaveri’s help. But Kaveri will be seen getting worried as her hypnosis technique will have no effect on Aradhya. Aradhya will soon be seen exposing Purva and Kaveri.

Later in Krishnadasi, Purva will openly accept in front of Aradhya that she wants Aryan’s money and can do anything for that. Aradhya will also come to know that Purva’s brother Jairaj and Purva are together in their evil plan. Aradhya will decide to bring out Purva’s truth.

Shockingly, Purva will challenge Aradhya openly that Aradhya can never expose Purva, Aradhya will accept the challenge. Krishnadasi will witness open war amid Aradhya and Purva for Aryan.

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