Krishnadasi: Pavitra to stop Aradhya from leaving house

Jun 16, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Pavitra to know the truth of Aradhya being her daughter, Pavitra to stop Aryan from throwing Aradhya out of house

The upcoming episodes of Colors’ show Krishnadasi will finally bring the major drama of Pavitra realizing that Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) is none other than her own daughter while Aryan (Shravan Reddy) is Tulsi’s son. Pavitra will be seen shell shocked with this revelation and will curse herself for treating Aradhya badly.

The forthcoming story of Krishnadasi will also show Aryan throwing Aradhya out of the house as per Aaba Saheb’s wish. Aryan will agree to marry Purva after divorcing Aradhya in Krishnadasi.

As seen till now, Aradhya gets gravely hurt after getting pushed out of the window by Purva. Aradhya loses lots of blood and her blood group with Tulsi doesn’t match. Aradhya’s blood group matches with Shashwat. However, Aaba will force Aryan to sign divorce papers to separate from Aradhya if Aryan wants to save Aradhya. Helpless Aryan agrees for Aaba’s demand and signs the divorce papers.

Later Aradhya gets shocked to know about the divorce papers and refuses to sign them. Aradhya loves Aryan and wants to give their relationship a chance. However, Aaba remains adamant on getting Aryan married to Purva. Aradhya also comes to know about Purva and Kaveri’s hypnosis plan and challenges to expose Purva.

However, Aradhya will face big problem in the upcoming episode of Krishnadasi. Since Aradhya will refuse to sign the divorce papers, Aaba will force Aryan to throw Aradhya out of the house. Though Aryan loves Aradhya, he will be helpless against Aaba Saheb. Aryan will ask Aradhya to leave the house right away. Aradhya will be heartbroken and will start packing her stuff.

Meanwhile, suspicious about Shashwat and Aradhya’s matching blood group, Pavitra will investigate further. Pavitra will finally know that Aradhya is her own daughter and Pavitra will get major shock. Pavitra will curse herself for treating Aradhya so badly. Pavitra will be pained to see Aryan throwing Aradhya out of the house.

Pavitra will now stop Aradhya from leaving house, shocking Aryan, Aaba and Purva.

Stay tuned for more updates on Krishnadasi.

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