Krishnadasi: Purva jealous of Aryan-Aradhya closeness

May 23, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Aradhya and Aryan's closeness to make Purva insecure and jealous

As per the latest news in Colors’ show Krishnadasi Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) will get close while Purva will fume with jealousy seeing them together.

It is known that despite loving each other immensely, family enmity turns Aryan and Aradhya each other’s enemy.

By Kumudini’s evil plan Aryan and Aradhya marry each other forcibly and plan to avenge each other.

Aryan decides to treat Aradhya as mistress without giving her respect and honor of a wife.

Aradhya also decides to fight and earn her respect as Aryan’s wife.

Aryan keeps Aradhya locked in the store room while Aradhya’s mother Tulsi visits to check on her daughter.

Aradhya assures Tulsi not to get worried and that Aradhya can take care of herself.

Tulsi leaves with heavy heart and worried mind from Aryan’s place leaving Aradhya behind.

The upcoming episode will show major twister as Aradhya will ask Aryan to spend night with her.

Aryan will deny this demand and Aradhya will tie him up with handcuffs and will stay back with Aryan in the store room.

Aryan will try to maintain the distance, however, will soon go off to sleep on Aradhya’s shoulder.

Seeing this Aradhya too will hold Aryan close to her and fall off to sleep.

Purva will witness Aryan and Aradhya and will be jealous with their close proximity.

Let’s see what steps Purva takes to keep Aryan and Aradhya away in Krishnadasi.

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