Krishnadasi: Purva's evil plan to end Aradhya's life

Jun 09, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Irked with Aryan and Aradhya's close proximity, Purva will decide to get Aradhya killed

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is coming up with high voltage drama in already spiced up story track of Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) acting possessed under the spell of deadly herbs fed to her by evil Pavitra and Purva. Though Purva and Pavitra want Aryan (Shravan Reddy) to throw Aradhya out of the house, Aryan, in fact, ends up getting too concerned, worried and pained for Aradhya. Moreover, Aryan will soon be seen realizing his love for Aradhya and will vow to protect Aradhya.

This development in Krishnadasi will not go down well with Purva and she will decide to get Aradhya out of her way completely by having her killed.

As seen till now in Krishnadasi, Aradhya is being fed some herbs by Pavitra and Purva, without Aradhya’s knowledge. Purva and Pavitra want to throw Aradhya out of house by making the drama of Aradhya becoming a mad person. However, the herbs have adverse effect on Aradhya and she starts behaving like being possessed. Pavitra declares that Aradhya has been possessed by bad evil and it will be dangerous to keep her in the house. Aryan refuses to believe this initially. However, Aryan gets shocked to see Aradhya behaving like his late grandmother (Ajji).

Aryan gets concerned about Aradhya and Purva decides to get the Tantric to convince Aryan. Tantric comes and tells Aryan to stay away from Aradhya. Aryan refuses and hence Tantric decides to make Aradhya walk on the burning coal. Pavitra and Purva force Aradhya for this Agnipariksha. However, as Aradhya attempts to walk on the burning coal helplessly, Aryan loses his cool. Aryan pulls Aradhya towards himself and slaps the Tantric who tries to scare Aryan. Aryan realizes his love for Aradhya and promises to protect her from all the evil.

Purva turns furious with the outcome of Aradhya’s Agnipariksha. Purva will now turn completely evil and will plan to get Aradhya killed to get Aradhya out her way.

Let’s see if Aradhya and Aryan can stop Purva’s evil game in Krishnadasi.

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