Krishnadasi: Rift in Aryan - Aradhya post Tulsi's death

Jul 05, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Tulsi to get shot by Aaba while saving Aryan, Aryan to accuse Aradhya for Tulsi's fate

The upcoming episode of Colors’ show Krishnadasi will bring tragic twist in the show as Tulsi will meet her end and will breath her last trying to save Aryan (Shravan Reddy). Tulsi’s death will leave Aryan and Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) shattered. However, Tulsi’s death will also lead to rift amid Aryan and Aradhya as Aryan turn angry against Aradhya and will accuse her. Aaba’s plan of killing Aryan will fail but he instead will get Tulsi killed.

Krishnadasi is currently going through major twist of Aryan and Aradhya knowing their origins which have led to change of equations and relations in the show. The family enmity amid Kumudini and Aaba Saheb will see new effects with Aaba now hating Aryan and showering love on Aradhya. Despite all the hurdles, Aradhya and Aryan are determined to be together, however, Tulsi’s end will rise differences in Aryan and Aradhya.

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As seen till now, Kumudini claims Aaba Saheb’s property as it has been named after Aryan. Kumudini tries to get Aaba’s house auctioned while Aryan stops it. Aaba gets furious with Kumudini and decides to avenge her. Aaba Saheb calls Aryan to meet him in the old temple.

Aryan will be elated to receive invitation to meet from Aaba and will reach the decided place. However, Aaba will take out the gun and will point at Aryan. Just before Aaba can shoot Aryan, Aradhya will try to stop him. However, Aaba will decide to shoot Aryan and this time Tulsi will come in between Aaba and Aryan to save Aryan. In the attempt Tulsi will get killed and will fall in Aryan’s lap. Aradhya will be shocked with Tulsi’s death and will try to revive her.

Shattered with Tulsi’s death, Aryan will push Aradhya away from Tulsi and will accuse her for Tulsi’s untimely death. Aradhya will be shocked and will be saddened with Tulsi’s fate.

Do you think Aaba Saheb will get successful in creating gap amid Aryan and Aradhya? Let us know in your comments below.

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