Krishnadasi: Shravani's evil intentions for Aryan - Aradhya revealed

Jul 24, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Shravani will try to push the blame of Gayatri's kidnapping on Kumudini, Jairaj and Purva behind Shravani

Colors' popular show Krishnadasi is soon coming up with high voltage drama as Gayatri's kidnap drama will reveal some secrets. As per the current track of Krishnadasi, Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) are on joint mission of rescuing Gayatri while Kumudini will be seen getting blamed in the Gayatei's kidnap drama. The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will show Aaba and Shashwat blaming Kumudini while Aradhya will support Kumudini and will try to prove Kumudini's innocence. As seen till now, Aryan and Aradhya rescue Shravani from goons and later Gayatri will get captivated. Aradhya comes to know from Aaba and Shashwat about Gayatri's kidnapping and informs Aryan. Aryan consoles Aradhya and both vow to rescue Gayatri. In the night Shravani hears sound in the water tank and informs Aradhya. Aradhya and Aryan will immediately rescue Gayatri. Gayatri will take Kumudini's name as culprit as she hears the goon taking Kumudini's name. While Aaba and Shashwat accuse Kumudini, Aradhya will inform everyone that Kumudini is not the culprit as Aradhya was with Kumudini all the time. This will come as shock to Aryan and everyone present. There will be major revelations in Krishnadasi soon as it will be made clear that Shravani is not good natured person and has evil intention behind acting good in front of Aryan and Aradhya. Apparently Shravani wants to create massive rift amid Aryan and Aradhya as she is working for evil Jairaj and Purva. Shravani is working as per Jairaj's instructions. Will Aryan and Aradhya be able to find out Shravani’s evil intentions or will Aryan and Aradhya fall prey in Jairaj, Purva and Shravani’s trap? Let us know your views on this track of Krishnadasi. Also keep reading this space for more updates on Krishnadasi.

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