Krishnadasi: Shravani's hot avatar to woo Aryan post leap

Aug 18, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Shravani's attempts to woo Aryan, Aradhya assumed to be dead post leap in Krishnadasi

Colors' show Krishnadasi is currently going through roller coaster turn of events as Kumudini is bent upon separating Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) while on the other side Aaba Saheb now wants Aryan and Aradhya to unite. Kumudini wants to continue with family enmity and uses Shravani to create misunderstanding amid Aryan and Aradhya. Aryan and Aradhya are immensely in love with each other and want to unite, however, Krishnadasi is soon headed for leap and there will be major changes in Krishnadasi story line, especially in Aryan and Aradhya's life post the leap. As seen till now, David, Shashwat and Aradhya suspect Jairaj for adding poison in Prasad. They follow Jairaj and finally reach in Bhamini's house. Aradhya suspects that Bhamini is hand in gloves with Jairaj while Bhamini maintains mum. Bhamini feels happy to come across her granddaughter Aradhya. But Aradhya asks the police to keep a watch on Bhamini. On the other side, Shravani spikes Aryan's prasad and Aryan becomes unconscious. Shravani makes lipstick marks on Aryan and will soon make the drama of Aryan making advances on her. Shravani is doing this on Kumudini's instructions. Aradhya will try t save Aryan while Shravani will try to create rift in Aryan and Aradhya with her drama. Soon there will leap in Krishnadasi and shockingly Aradhya will be assumed dead. Heartbroken Aryan will become Devdas while Kumudini will be seen toned down. Surprisingly, Shravani will be seen in hot avatar and will try to woo Aryan to fall in love with her. Kumudini will be seen blaming Shravani for not getting Aradhya out of Aryan's mind and heart. Aradhya will return soon after leap and will save Aryan from Shravani and Kumudini. Are you excited to see the leap track in Krishnadasi? Let us know in the comments section below.

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