Krishnadasi: Tulsi & Aradhya's blood group mismatch coming up

Jun 13, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aradhya to lose lot of blood post Purva's attempt to kill her, Tulsi and Aradhya's blood to mismatch

Colors’ show Krishnadasi will finally bring the majorly awaited twist of revealing Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) is not Tulsi’s daughter in the upcoming episodes. This twist will come as continuation of current track of Aradhya’s possessed avatar. Purva’s attempt to kill Aradhya will lead to this secret of Aradhya – Tulsi relation getting highlighted.

On the other side, it will also be revealed that Purva is in no love with Aryan (Shravan Reddy) in Krishnadasi. Purva is in love with Aryan’s money and wants to push away Aradhya from Aryan just to have access to Aryan’s money. However, Purva’s upcoming attempt to kill Aradhya will end up bringing Aryan close to Aradhya.

As seen till now, Purva and Pavitra are using hypnosis on Aradhya to make her behave like possessed person. Purva tries to convince Aryan that Aradhya is possessed and has turned mad. Aryan refuses to believe Purva and starts worrying for Aradhya. Purva gets irked with Aryan’s growing concern for Aradhya and wants to remove Aradhya from Aryan’s life.

The further twist in Krishnadasi will prove to be turning point for Aradhya. Aradhya will call Aryan’s sister home which will make Purva furious. Purva and Aradhya will get in major argument and Purva will take the opportunity to push Aradhya out of the window.

Aradhya will fall off the window, but will be saved by Aryan in nick of time. Aryan will scream at Purva but Purva will claim that the evil spirit once again gripped Aradhya and made her fall off the window.

Apparently, Aradhya will get gravely injured with the window glass and will have major cut on her stomach. Aradhya will lose major amount of blood and fall unconscious. Aradhya’s life will face serious trouble and Tulsi will be asked to donate her blood for Aradhya. However, everyone will get shocked to know Tulsi’s blood doesn’t match with Aradhya’s.

Surely, the next twist will be Aryan’s quest to find out Aradhya and Tulsi’s secret.

Stay tuned to read more updates on Krishnadasi.

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