Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya's smart move to avoid engagement with Purab

Jan 29, 2017

Kumkum Bhagya Latest News: Pragya cuts her finger to avoid wearing Purab's ring in engagement, Pragya faints

The upcoming episode of popular Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya will bring in an exciting twist revolving around Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia), Pragya (Sriti Jha) and Purab's lives. It is known that Pragya and Purab have been trapped in engagement and wedding trap of Aaliya (Shikha Singh) and Tanu (Leena Jumani). Aaliya has convinced Abhi about the wedding of Pragya and Purab and hence Abhi has arranged for Purab and Pragya's engagement. Purab and Pragya try desperately to find a way to get out of this engagement. Purab tries to convince Abhi that his parents cannot make it for the engagement and hence the engagement cannot take place. But smart Aaliya counters Purab's argument and brings in Purab's parents for the engagement. This puts Pragya and Purab in a major fix, however, Pragya will find a unique solution for the problem, to evade the engagement. During the engagement, Pragya will slit her ring finger and will put up the drama of being injured. As Purab will try to put the ring on Pragya's finger, he will notice Pragya's injured finger, after which Pragya will faint immediately. This will put Abhi and everyone in shock. As Abhi will rush to be on Pragya's side, the engagement will take a back seat. Pragya's smart move will lead to Purab and Pragya evading the engagement. Keep reading this space for more updates on Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya.

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