Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Prithvi and Sherlyn's evil motives to get revealed

Jan 27, 2018

Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi-Sherlyn's another attempt to kill Janki

The upcoming episode of Zee TV's popular drama Kundali Bhagya is up for some major drama with some shocking revelations ahead. During the Lohri celebrations Janki recalls and she starts getting flashbacks of past. On the other hand, Prithvi and Sherlyn are tensed learning this as if she recalls something then it is end of their game. In the coming episode, Janki will blame Sherlyn for deceiving Rishab. Sherlyn-Prithvi will get scared. They would plot her next deadly plan against Janki. Sherlyn and Prithvi will be worried of getting their conspiracy and affair to be out. Later, they will devise a plan to kill Janki to protect their reality to get unveil. However, their plan will backfire and Janki will be saved. 

Rishabh to slap Prithvi (Sanjay Gagnani) 

Janki will be suspicious over Prithvi and Sherlyn and soon she will reveal their reality. But will tell that she is lying which will make Rishabh furious. Rishabh will slap Pirthvi leaving everyone shocked. It will be interesting to see how Prithvi and Shelyn will be revealed. Lets wait and watch. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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