Kundli Bhagya latest news: Kareena tells Preeta to stay away from Karan and Rishab

Aug 02, 2017

Kundli Bhagya News: Rishab wishes to get a wife like Preeta

Kundi Bhagya is slowly and gradually making its way into the viewer’s hearts. Shrishti (Ahjum Fakih)finally meets Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and doesn’t mention Preeta (Shraddha Arya) as her sister when he mentions how much he hates Preeta. She gives him ideas for how to irritate Preeta. Kareena taunts Preeta and tells her to stay away from Rishab (Manit Jaura) and Karan, Preeta fights for herself and tells her that money doesn’t matter to her but what matters is her self-respect. Rashi selects a girl for Rishab and shows it to Kareena she recognizes her as her friend and thinks if shell become a part of the family then her importance will increase. Sarla gets very upset when Shristi refuses to eat anything prepared by her and tells her she doent have to prepare food for them. Dadi consoles Sarla. Preeta goes and talks to Rishab and tells him to settle down, he thinks that he will if the companion is like Preeta. Preeta suggest Rishabs manager the kumkum Bhagya hall for their meeting, it will be seen that Rishab will be holding his meeting at the hall and sees Preeta and Shristi there. What do you think will happen at the meeting. Will Rishab say yes to marry someone? Will Sarla ever get her daughters love back? Stay tuned to find out more gossips, written updates and future stories.

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