Kundli Bhagya latest news: Rishab thinks that Preeta said yes to Deepaks proposal

Aug 24, 2017

Kundli Bhagya Preeta finds her fathers ring and thinks its a sign to say yes to Deepak

Kundli bhagya is getting quite the buzz from the telly world. With its upcoming twist its got the fans hooked to the series. In the latest episode, Deepak finds Preeta in Rishabs office and apologises to her about every mistake he did in the past and tries very hard to win her back, he propses to her and tells her that he’ll never repeat his mistakes. Preeta says that she needs time to think, meanwhile Rishab is listening to all this. When he asks Deepak he tell him that they are getting engaged. Rishab feels heart broken and is very depressed hearing this. Rashi calls up Rishab to tell him to come home as they are celebrating his and Shailins relation. But everyone notices that hes upset. Preeta finds her dads ring and sees this as a sign to consider Deepaks proposal. Preeta will say yes to Deepak and they will soon start wedding preparation but Preeta will realize that Deepak has not changed one bit and will break of the marriage.

Will Rishab confess his lovee for her before it too late? Stay tuned to find out more gossips, future stories and more of Kundli Bhagya.


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