Kyndli Bhagya latest news: Goons come at Sarlas house to get Shrishti

Aug 27, 2017

Kundli Bhagya Shrishti fights with goons

Kundli Bhagya Kumkum Bhagya spinoff has given the audience a lot of curiosity as Preeta ( Shraddha Arya) still has to give an answer to Deepak. On the other hand Rishab (Manit Jaura) already think that Preeta has said yes and they will soon get engaged. Shrishti fights with goons when she sees them harassing a girl. Rishab is very upset when he comes home and tells everyone to leave him alone when they tell him how excited they are for his wedding. Sarla hand over Preeta her ring and she takes it as a sign from god to say yes to Deepak. Preeta will share all of this with Shrishti and she’ll tell her to not get married to Deepak. Preeta still has double thoughts about what to do with the proposal. The goons come at Sarlas house and asks her to hand over Shrishti to them. Sarla defenatly tries to fight them and tries to throw them out but they start turning the house up side down to find Shrishi when they cant find her they tell her that they’ll look for her and kidnap her. Sarla feels threatened.

What do you think will happen to Shrishti? Will Preeta say yes? Stay tuned to find out more gossips, written updates and future stories of Kundli Bhagya.

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