Laado 2 News: Ammaji burns Rantej's goons alive into ashes

Jan 26, 2018

Laado 2: Rantej traps Ammaji (Meghna Malik) and she goes missing

The upcoming show of Color's Tv's popular show Laado 2 is up for some high voltage drama amid Ammaji and Rantej. Ammaji decides to take revenge on her own and thus she makes her first attack. Ammaji caught Rantej's goons and she attacks over them first. Ammaji ties them and threats them. Ammaji burns Rantej's goons leaving Rantej shocked. Rantej turns speechless looking at his goons burning alive into ashes. Now in the upcoming track, viewers will get to witness a deadly battle amid Rantej and Ammaji. Ammaji now plans to kill Rantej while his goons will trap Ammaji and she will go missing. Anushka and Yuvraj will learn that Ammaji has went to kill Rantej and thus they will go in search of Ammaji.

Rantej to kill Ammaji

Ammaji and Rantej's fight will be worth watching. According to sources, it is seen that Rantej will attack over Ammaji and will kill her. Anushka will be in shock learning about Ammaji's death and thus she will walk to the footsteps of Ammaji and rule the place like Ammaji did. Anushka will decide to take revenge from Rantej and Balwant. Lets wait and watch. Till then keep watching Laado 2 and stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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