Laado 2 News: Fans disappointed with Ammaji's exit in the show

Jan 27, 2018

Laado 2: Ammaji (Meghna Malik) and Rantej's deady battle

Colors's TV's popular show Laado 2 has left the audience stunned with the news of Ammaji's exit in the show. In the current installment, Ammaji is being portrayed as the polar opposite of her previous season's character. While in the first season, she was the one perpetrating crimes against women, in the current season she is working for the cause of women, in an attempt to wash away her sins. It was earlier seen that Ammaji decides to punish Rantej's goons and kill them as they were involved in Jhanvi's murder case. Ammaji punishes them but the real culprit Rantej is still alive and she wants to punish him for his deeds. Now in the upcoming track, viewers will get to witness a deadly battle amid Rantej and Ammaji. 

Anushka to walk Ammaji's footsteps

Ammaji now plans to kill Rantej while his goons will trap Ammaji and she will go missing. According to sources, it is seen that Rantej will attack over Ammaji to kill her. Besides, Ammaji will decide to sacrifce her life for all those crime she did in her past. Anushka will be in shock learning this but she will move on and walk into the footsteps of Ammaji. While, Anushka will be seen as new Ammaji in the show and she will take the revenge against the bad deeds of Rantej and Balwant. Although Ammaji's role looked powerful in this installment also; looking at the current track, Avika Gor's character has taken a centre stage and Ammaji is hardly seen. It will be interesting to watch the upcoming track in the show ahead. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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