Laado 2 News: OMG!! Rantej to kill Ammaji in Laado 2

Jan 25, 2018

Laado 2: Yuvraj feels guilty for troubling Anushka (Avika Gor)

The upcoming episode of Colors Tv's popular show Laado 2 is up for a shocking twist in tale. It will be seen that Ammaji will plan to kill Rantej by adding poison in his wine. Anushka and Yuvraj learn about Ammaji and she goes missing. Thus, Anushka and Yuvraj go in search of Ammaji ao that she does not commit another crime. Meanwhile, Yuvraj and Anuskha come close while searching Ammaji. Yuvraj  saves Anushka from a falling wooden board. Anushka feels that Yuvraj loves her. Yuvraj takes care of Anushka and apologises her. Meanwhile, Anushka is worried for Ammaji as she can kill Rantej and commit another crime. Besides, Saroja calls them and asks them to find Amma ji soon. On the other hand, Yuvraj wants to confess his love for Anushka. And the shocking twist is that Rantej kills Ammaji. 

Rantej informs Anushka about Ammaji's death

Rantej tells Anushka that he has burried Ammaji and tells Anushka that he has buried Amma ji in the land where she once ruled. On the other hand, he asks Anushka to find Amma ji’s dead body if she could. Anushka is in pain learning this. Now as we get to see that Amma ji’s life journey ends, while  Anushka dons Amma ji’s avatar to get justice by walking on Amma ji’s path. Anushka wants to prove women power to the dominating men of Veerpur and to take her revenge from Balwant and Rantej. Keep watching Laado 2 and stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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