Laado 2 Spoiler: Good News for the Fans of Ammaji aka Meghna Malik

Jan 29, 2018

Laado 2: No doctor will attend Ammaji because of Balwant's powers

The upcoming episode of Colors TV's popular drama Laado 2 is up for some shocking twist ahead. This must be a good news for the fans of Ammaji that is Meghna Malik. As the news of her death disappointed most of the fans. As the viewers already know that Ammaji was stabbed by Yuvraj (Shalien Malhotra) when she shot his father Balwant Chaudhary. In a shocking turn of events, Ammaji was backstabbed by Yuvraj leading to her critical situation. As per the upcoming track, when Ammaji and Anushka (Avika Gor) are having a confrontation post the former shooting Balwant, Yuvraj comes from behind and stabs her. A devastated Anushka is broken seeing her grandmother bleed. By that time, Jai Dev and Saroja will run and take Ammaji to the hospital. However, in the hospital, no doctor will come ahead to take charge to treat Ammaji and no one will attend Ammaji. The reason behind this will be Balwant’s powers. As he is the trustee of the hospital, no one will dare to come to Ammaji’s aid.

Doctor announces that Ammaji is no more

Nevertheless, when Ammaji finally finds a doctor, courtesy Anushka’s friend, she is taken on a stretcher. While running ahead, the doctor announces that Ammaji is no more. Anushka will be in shock and she will cry out loudly. Anushka will hug Ammaji. so tight that, she starts breathing again. Anushka shouts at the doctors that Ammaji's heart is still beating. What will happen next? Will Ammaji survive? Lets hope for the good that she survives. Stay tuned for more gossips and updates.

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