Latest News: Vivian D'Sena and Vahbiz Dorabji end their Marriage

Jul 08, 2017

Vivian D'sena and Vahbiz Dorabji got a divorce after living separately for a year

We were recently informed that all was not well with Vivian and his wife Vahbiz Dorabji. The couple has been living separately for over a year now and Vahbiz confirmed that they have finally separated. She says that Vivian is now a closed chapter in her life and they have moved on. When asked if they were trying to make their marriage work she confirmed that they have moved on and there’s nothing to be said about it anymore. She said that they both will, of course, be cordial with each other. She later said that they are very busy with their own work and career and that’s their first priority. When asked if it was related to his success, she clarified that she has always been his biggest support and commented that, “the fact that we are not together has nothing to do with his career or mine. When you are married, you don’t feel insecure about your husband’s success, you will actually be proud of it.” There were also rumors circling that Vihbiz was dating her business partner and Bahu Hamari Rajnikanth costar Pankit Thakkar who is also estranged from his wife of 17 years. When asked she said,” I am nobody to comment on Pankit's marriage. We are just business partners; rest is a figment of imagination in people’s small minds. She wasn’t very happy when she heard that she was being linked to some other actor. She also commented that she’s going through a painful time and also focusing on work. Stay tuned to find out more.

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