Lova Ka Hai Intezaar: Mohit Sehgal talks about the end, Mohini-Ayan romance coming up

Sep 12, 2017

Lova Ka Hai Intezaar: Mohit Sengal sad about show coming to an end, makers to showcase some cute romantic moments amid Ayaan and Mohini (Preetika Rao)

It is already known that Star Plus is all set to shut down its afternoon slot of TV shows by the end of September. This news has come as a major disappointment for many fans as well as the team of the four shows which will come to an end on an abrupt note. Talking about this sudden decision, the lead actor of Lova Ka Hai Intezaar Mohit Sehgal said that he was shocked to get this news. Mohit has been a part of the show for one and a half months and had never expected that the show would get pulled off air so suddenly. Mohit has revealed that when had signed up for the show, he expected to be a part of it for a long time and is therefore quiet disappointed with its sudden closure. Furthermore, Mohit has also revealed that the viewers had started to like his on-screen chemistry with Preetika Rao and the rating of the show had also started to improve. However, the actor knows that it’s a business decision and the channel heads must have thought a lot before taking this final decision. While the show is all set to showcase its climax track, fans of the show will be able to enjoy some romantic moments between the lead pair Mohini and Ayaan. Recently the lead pair shot for a romantic dream sequence where Mohini dreams about Ayaan proposing to her. This will certainly bring a smile on the faces of ardent fans who are heartbroken about the show coming to an end. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Love Ka Hai Intezaar.

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