Meri Saasu Maa: Maasa-Pari finally become mother and daughter

May 30, 2016

Meri Saasu Maa: Sattu (Pearl V Puri) demands divorce from Pari (Hiba Nawab) to marry Roop

The current track of Meri Saasu Maa shows the big moment has finally arrived where Maasa accepts Pari as her daughter. Sattu gives divorce papers to Pari as he thinks that she made him humiliated in front of everyone. Maasa finally stands up for Pari and begs Sattu not to divorce her. Maasa admits that Pari is like a daughter to her. For the first time, Pari and Maasa hug each other and cry emotionally as Pari is overwhelmed being accepted by Maasa. However, Pari and Maasa’s union is tainted by Sattu’s adamant stance on marrying Roop after divorcing Pari. The media people are present there and Sattu tells everyone that he will legally divorce Pari and marry Roop so he will not be breaking any laws. Sattu says that he will put Sindoor on Roop’s head and make her his wife in front of everyone. Sattu goes to the room to bring the Sindoor but purposely does not take it. Pari gets boggled by Sattu’s behavior as she notices that he did not take the Sindoor bottle on purpose. It will now be seen that Pari will bring the Sindoor bottle and asks Sattu to put it on Roop’s head. Sattu will be tensed by Pari’s behavior. It will later be revealed that Sattu is just putting up an act as he does not intend on marrying Roop but just wants to trap her to know her truth.

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