Meri Saasu Maa: Sattu furious with Pari for making him embarrassed

May 30, 2016

Meri Saasu Maa: Pari (Hiba Nawab) gets big shock hearing about Sattu’s (Pearl V Puri) decision to marry Roop

The upcoming episodes of Meri Saasu Maa will show Pari getting a major shock getting the news of Sattu getting married with Roop.

Earlier it was seen that Pari found Roop and Sattu in the same bed and was hurt thinking that Sattu broke her trust.

Sattu realizes that he was made unconscious by a drug and Shivpal instigates shim saying that Pari had drugged him.

Shivpal plants the sleeping pills in Pari’s room and when Sattu finds them he starts accusing Pari.

Sattu also forces Pari to drink the water with the medicine.

The maid takes a clip of this and sends it to women’s right group who reach Maasa’s house and create a big drama.

The women’s right group demands Sattu to apologies to Pari for ill-treating her.

 Sattu thinks that Pari has done this to embarrass him and a big rift gets developed between them.

Very soon, Pari will find Roop wearing her clothes and Roop will tell her that Sattu asked her to wear it.

 Sattu will call Pari and inform her that he is marrying Roop.

 Will Sattu marry Roop or is this another evil plan by Shivpal? Let’s wait and watch.


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