Meri Saasu Maa: Sattu (Pearl V Puri) to die, new actor opposite Hiba Nawab

Jul 11, 2016

Meri Saasu Maa: Hiba Nawab (Pari) and Pearl V Puri’s (Sattu) excessive affection leads makers to end Pearl’s character

Here is a big buzzing news about Meri Saasu Maa which will leave the fans of the show quite disappointed. News is that the lead actor of the show Pearl V Puri will soon have to make an exit from the show as his character will come to an end. Reports suggest that the makers want to introduce a big twist in the storyline and therefore they are planning to show Pearl’s character Sattu getting killed.

This new twist will help to bring about a shock factor among the audiences and at the same time it will help to boost up the TRP’s of the show. Although Pearl’s exit may seems as a creative decision by the makers, the underlying cause for Pearl getting chucked out seems to be quite different.

It is already known that Pearl and his co-star Hiba Nawab are madly in love with each other and are always seeing displaying their affection publicly on the sets of the show.Many cast and crew members are quite uncomfortable with Pearl and Hiba constantly getting cozy with each other and exchange flying kisses. The makers also warned Pearl and Hiba to stop their unacceptable behavior but it seems that the love birds continued with their PDA. As a result the producers of the show decided to do away with one of the lead actors.

Since Hiba plays the main character of the show, the makers could not remove her and therefore Pearl had to bear the brunt. However, Pearl has given a statement in the media saying that his character’s dead body will not be shown which could be an indication that he may return to the series after a short break. However, there are speculations that the producers have already started hunting for a new actor who will play the new lead opposite Hiba.

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