Naagin 2 Latest News: Rudra trapped & killed by Yamini, Shesha - Avantika

Mar 08, 2017

Naagin 2 Upcoming Twist: Rocky comes to know Rudra's Naag reality, Rudra saves Shivangi for one last time before dying

The upcoming episode of Colors' superhit show Naagin 2 will bring in high voltage drama where Shivangi's (Mouni Roy) biggest supporter, help, and friend, Rudra (Kinshuk Mahajan) will get killed by the evil trio of Yamini (Sudha Chandran), Shesha (Adaa Khan) and Avantika (Ashka Goradia). This future story of Naagin 2 will mark the end of Kinshuk Mahajan's character in Naagin 2. As Naagin 2 is moving towards its climax slowly, the action and drama in Naagin 2 serial is expected to get fierce. As seen till now in Naagin 2, Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) has become suspicious about Shivangi and Rudra's Naagin and Naag avatar. Rocky will suspect Rudra and will soon find out that Rudra is none other than Ichchadhari Naag. This will leave Rocky shocked while Rudra will try to keep Rocky away from knowing his secret. Rudra will attempt to create a major cyclone to keep Rocky away from him. However, through Rocky, Yamini, Shesha, and Avantika will come to know Rudra's reality and they will plan to trap Rudra. This time, in Naagin 2 serial, the evil trio of Yamini, Shesha, and Avantika will get successful in trapping Rudra and will make sure to kill him. In the last moments also, Rudra will make sure to safeguard Shivangi from the evil trio. Rudra will be seen paying an emotional farewell to Shivangi in his last moments. Kinshuk Mahajan made a solid comeback on television through Naagin 2 as Rudra. His absence will surely be felt in the Naagin 2 serial. Keep reading this space for more updates, news, spoilers, upcoming twists, and future stories on Colors' show Naagin 2.

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