Naagin 2: Rudra in Mahishasur's clutches, fight in Yamini's gang

Dec 14, 2016

Naagin 2 Latest News: Yamini, Shesha and Avantika fight over saving Rudra, Shivangi reaches for Rudra's help against Mahishasur

The upcoming episode of supernatural theme based Colors' show Naagin 2 will be highly action based as Rudra (Kinshuk Mahajan) will get in grave danger and will find himself trapped in Mahishasur aka Half Man HAlf Bullock's clutches. This will create a huge drama in Naagin 2 as this will lead to huge fight in Yamini (Sudha Chandran), Shesha (Adaa Khan), Avantika (Ashlesha Goradia), Abhishek (Manish Khanna) and Kapalika. Shivangi (Mouni Roy) too will be seen extremely worried about Rudra as Mahishasur will turn out to be one of the most deadliest creature in Naagin 2. As reported earlier, Shesha and Yamini will find Shivangi's snake skin and will try to burn it. However, Rudra will take Mansi's avatar and will pour water on the burning snake skin. Rudra will return the skin to Shivangi and will save her life. Later Mahishasur will enter Naagin 2 and Rudra will get trapped. Yamini, Shesha, Avantika, Abhishek and Kapalika want Rudra to be saved as Yamini knows that Rudra is powerful Naag and only he knows where the Naagmani is. But Shesha and Avantika feel that Yamini is betraying them by teaming up with Abhishek and hence they refuse to fight the Mahishasur to save Rudra. There will be huge fight seen in Yamini's gang over who will fight the Mahishasur to save Rudra. On the other side, Rudra's friend Shivangi will come to know about Rudra's fate and without thinking much she will reach to help Rudra against Mahishasur. Shivangi will be seen fighting the powerful bull to save Rudra. Will Shivangi succeed? Will Rudra be saved from Mahishasur? Stay tuned in for more updates on Colors' show Naagin 2.

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