Naagin 2: Rudra stops Shesha & Yamini from burning Shivangi's snake skin

Dec 13, 2016

Naagin 2 Latest News: Shesha & Yamini find the snake skin and try to burn it, Rudra disguises as Mansi and pours water on Shivangi's Snake Skin

Yet another twist in the upcoming episode of Colors' popular supernatural theme based show Naagin 2 will keep the viewers intrigued to the show. The cat and mouse game amid Shivangi (Mouni Roy) and her enemies Yamini (Sudha Chandran) and Shesha (Adaa Khan) has started off and Rudra (Kinshuk Mahajan) is helping Shivangi in her revenge. Shesha and Yamini are desperate to find out if Shivangi is Ichhadhari Naagin or no, but their attempts are going fail. In the upcoming episode, Yamini will get a supari (betel nut) that can help in determining if a person is Naag or no. If the person is naag / naagin, the nails of the person holding the supari turn red. Yamini tries to trap Shivangi in this supari trap, but Yamini fails to know that Shivangi is Naagin since Shivangi's finger nails remain unchanged. Later, Shesha will find a snake skin and will decide to burn it down. Shesha will tell Yamini that once the snake skin is burnt, it makes the Naag / Naagin weak. Rudra will come to know Shesha and Yamini's plan and he will appear there in Mansi's avatar and will pour water on Shivangi's snake skin to stop it from getting burnt. What will Shesha and Yamini do next? Will they know that Shivangi indeed is Naagin? Keep reading this space for more updates on Colors' show Naagin 2.

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