Naagin 2: Shivangi's great dilemma over Rocky & Naagmani

Dec 27, 2016

Naagin 2 Latest News: Shivangi trapped amid Rocky's life on one side and safety of Naagmani on the other

The upcoming episode of Colors' popular supernatural theme based show Naagin 2 will bring in major twist which will put Shivangi (Mouni Roy) in a great dilemma as she will have to decide amid her husband Rocky's (Karanvir Bohra) life and safety of Naagmani. As reported earlier, Yamini (Sudha Chandran) has played her evil trick and has used Rocky as her pawn for getting the Naagmani. As per Yamini's plan, Rocky meets with fatal accident and his life gets in danger. Yamini makes the drama of being worried and crying, but makes sure that Rocky is brought home for treatment. Shivangi gets shattered seeing Rocky's condition and tries to revive him. Shesha (Adaa Khan) too gets shocked to see Rocky's condition and gets angry with Yamini. Yamini takes Shivangi in to confidence and tells her about the Naagmani. Yamini tells Shivangi that only devoted wife can get the Naagmani which can save Rocky's life. In the later track of Naagin 2, Shivangi will reach Shiv Temple and will meet her Guru. Rudra (Kinshuk Mahajan) too will join Shivangi and will inform her that Yamini is behind Rocky's accident as it is a trap for getting the Naagmani. Shivangi's Guru will inform Shivangi that she has to decide whether to save Rocky's life being his devoted wife or to protect Naagmani being an Ichhadhari Naagin. Shivangi will find herself trapped in situation. What will Shivangi do? Who will Shivangi choose, Naagmani or Rocky? Keep reading this space for more updates on Colors' show Naagin 2.

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