Naagin 2: Shivanya to die in Rocky & Shivangi's wedding

Oct 18, 2016

Naagin 2 Latest News: Shivanya to meet with her end in Shivangi and Rocky's wedding track, Shivangi to avenge Shivanya's killers

A shocking twist is going to soon take place in Colors' popular supernatural show Naagin 2 as Shivanya (Mouni Roy) will be killed in Shivangi (Mouni Roy) and Rocky's (Karanvir Bohra) wedding. Shivanya's murder will be master planned by Yamini (Sudha Chandran), Shesha (Adaa Khan) and Mahishmati (Ashka Goradia) in Shivangi and Rocky's wedding. It is known that Shivanya wants Shivangi to get married before she turns 25 years of age as she doesn't want Shivangi to turn in to Naagin. On the other hand Rocky and Shivangi fall in love with each other while Shesha aka Ruchika warns Yamini to get rid off Shivangi. Yamini's sharp shooter shoots Shivangi but Shivanya and Rocky rush Shivangi to the hospital and save her life. Meanwhile Yamini gets shocked to know that Shivangi is Shivanya's daughter and Shesha too comes to know this fact. Rocky informs his Badi Maa Yamini that he is in love with Shivangi and wants to marry her. Yamini agrees for the marriage as she wants to get hold of Naagmani at any cost. This irks Shesha as she wants to marry Rocky and hence Shesha vows to kill Shivanya and Shivangi before the wedding. Shivanya doesn't recognize Yamini's voice and agrees for the wedding, however, insists that the wedding should take place within two days. And hence during the wedding Yamini, Shesha and Mahishmati will plan to get rid of Shivangi and Shivanya. Shesha will attempt to poison Shivangi through her bite, but Shivangi will be saved. But Shivanya will meet with her end in Naagin 2. From this juncture, Shivangi will decide to avenge the killers of her mother Shivanya and will be seen turning in to Naagin. Thus Mouni Roy's double role in Naagin 2 will come to an end and she will be seen as only Shvangi. Stay tuned in for more updates on Naagin 2.

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