Naagin 22nd May 2016 Written Update

May 21, 2016

Naagin 22nd May 2016 Written Update Written Episode

Today’s 22nd May 2016 Naagin Written Update Written Episode starts with Shivanya’s age old enemy Viren coming out of the Coma. Viren had been put in the condition of Coma by Shivanya and Viren desperately wants to avenge Shivanya. Viren wants to take revenge on Shivanya for the situation Shivanya left him in.

Ritik is held captivated by Shesha using a snake. The snake bounds Ritik. Yamini comes to check out on Ritik. Yamini feels relieved to see Ritik in captivated condition and leaves Ritik in that condition. On the other side Shesha blackmails Shivanya over Ritik to be present in the Kabir and Amrita’s engagement party. Kabir feels Shivanya may open up his secret of being nevla in front of everyone and hence Kabir decides to kill Shivanya. However, Shesha reminds Kabir that Shivanya is powerless and that Ritik has been kept hostage.

On the other side, Viren approaches police station and lodges a complaint against Shivanya. Police reach Kabir and Amrita’s engagement and declare that Shivanya is under arrest. Police inform everyone that Shivanya is charged with Murder blame. Yamini, Shesha and Kabir get elated with the development.

Ritik on the other hand manages to free himself from the snake as bell leaf falls on the snake. The snake immediately loosens the grip and Ritik gets out of captivation. Ritik comes to know about Viren’s complaint and Shivanya being in jail and Ritik rushes to the police station. However, in police station Police laugh at Ritik’s request to free Shivanya. It is disclosed that Shesha had approached police station disguising as Ritik and told the police not to leave Shivanya at any cost.

Finally Shivanya makes a plan to get Viren’s reality exposed in front of everyone. Shivanya manages to get of the custody and reaches Viren’s place. Viren gets startled to see Shivanya and tries to kill her. Viren confesses killing Shivanya’s parents while trying to kill Shivanya. Suddenly police come out of hiding and attack Viren. Angry Viren raises gun on Shivanya. Shivanya saves herself and picks up other gun and shoots Viren. Viren finally falls on the floor, dead.

Shivanya and Ritik reach engagement party and Shivanya informs everyone that Kabir is Nevla. However, Kabir acts innocent.

Precap of Naagin Written Update:

Ritik and Shivanya think of a plan to expose Kabir on front of everyone.

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