Naagin 3 Update: Ekta Kapoor to reveal the new Naagins soon

Dec 05, 2017

Naagin 3 News: Ekta Kapoor bids Goodbye to Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan from Naagin series

A major news is coming in for the fans and followers of popular Indian television series Naagin. Till now viewers and fans of Naagin 1 and Naagin 2 have made the Naagin serial highly popular, so much so that both the seasons of Naagin always topped on the TRP charts. Now, Ekta Kapoor will soon be bringing Naagin Season 3, but with a major twist. The season 1 and 2 of Naagin series have featured popular actresses Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan in the main leads at the Naagins. However, going ahead, Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan will not feature in Naagin season 3. As reported earlier to our readers, Mouni Roy is extremely busy with her upcoming projects Gold, Bramhastra, and Mehrunisa and is left with no dates for Naagin 3. On the other hand, Adaa Khan has confirmed that she till date has not been approached for Naagin 3. To confirm the news further, Ekta Kapoor has put up a post on her social media platform of Instagram. Also, Ekta Kapoor has given a clear-cut hint about the new actresses joining in Naagin 3 as the new Naagins. Ekta Kapoor's post caption reads "A new nagin arrives! As we bid adieu to @imouniroy and @adaakhann from Naagin, we welcome the NEW! Will soon reveal my new 'naagin' or should I say 'Naagins' #waitfornaagin3" Well we can't wait to know who the new Naagins are going to be in Naagin 3. Till then, do let us know your guesses in the comments section below.

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