Naagin: Happiness for Shivanya-Ritik in Climax

May 24, 2016

Naagin  Latest News: Naagin Season 1 to end on happy note for Shivanya and Ritik, Shivanya-Ritik to be parents

With the approaching climax and closure of Colors’ most popular show Naagin and exciting news is coming up for the viewers that is related to Shivanya (Mouni Roy) and Ritik (Arjun Bijlani).

There has been lot of confusion and prediction over Naagin season 1 climax as lot of news are flowing around Shivanya and Ritik’s final fate.

However, as per the latest news the climax of Naagin is going to be all positive for Shivanya and Ritik.

As confirmed by the sources, after killing the nevla Kabir (Rajat Tokas), Shivanya will turn her attention to Yamini (Sudha Chandran).

Shivanya will target Yamini and will turn up as Kaali Mata in front of Yamini.

Shivanya will successfully kill Yamini and Yamini’s body will get pushed towards the wall of Maheshmati world.

Yamini’s body will break apart the wall and war will erupt for Nagmani amid Shivanya and Maheshmati Queen Bee Avantika (Aashka Goradia).

Apparently, Shivanya and Ritik will turn victorious and will place Naagmani in the safe place.

Shesha (Adaa Khan) will join Maheshmatis and will operate against Shivanya in Naagin 2.

There is yet more fantastic news for humongous fans of Shivanya and Ritik.

Shivanya and Ritik will be seen leading life full of love and will even have a child.

Well surely the viewers cannot wait longer for all the drama in Naagin.


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