Naagin Latest: Shivanya to fight Kabir for Ritik

May 18, 2016

Naagin Latest News: Powerless Shivanya to fight Kabir to save Ritik

Colors’ most popular show Naagin is soon heading for the climax and hence the events revolving around Shivanya (Mouni Roy), Ritik (Arjun Bijlani), Shesha (Adaa Khan), Kabir (Rajat Tokas) and Yamini (Sudha Chandran) have become fierce.

As per the latest news in Naagin, Shivanya and Kabir aka icchadhari nevla are set to have fierce fight in the upcoming episode.

It is seen that Kabir has returned to avenge Shivanya and Shesha and to get the Naagmani.

Kabir joins hands with Shesha to kill Shivanya and to enter Ritik’s house Kabir traps Ritik’s sister Amrita.

Kabir makes Amrita fall in love with him with Shesha’s help and later gets his wedding fixed with Amrita.

Shivanya comes to know about Kabir’s return and his deadly plan of marrying Amrita.

Shivanya has lost her powers, but yet manages to bring Kabir’s real face in front of everyone.

However, Kabir manages to run away and vows to return to get the Naagmani.

The upcoming episode of Naagin will show Kabir returning to Raheja house with the motive of avenging Shivanya and getting the hold on Naagmani.

Kabir will try to hold Amrita hostage to frighten everyone.

However, Kabir will later target Ritik and will make him hostage.

Kabir wants powerless Shivanya to approach him to save Ritik.

As assumed, Shivanya will reach to fight Kabir to save Ritik.

Let’s see if Shivanya can fight Kabir and bring Ritik back safely.


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