Naamkaran 11th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 10, 2017

Naamkaran 11th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 12th December Precap

Avni tells Ali that they need to have a plan B if Juhi does not admit her crime. Avni says that she has got Mishti’s passport and he should book her and Mishti’s ticket. Avni says that Neil does not know about her plan B. Avni says that she will run away with Mishti if plan fails. Avni tells Ali not to tell Neil about this plan. A group of men tell Vidyut that the bones in his house are worth crores of rupees as there is being research done on them. Vidyut finds out that the bones are not his mother’s. Vidyut calls someone and finds out that Guruma is safe. Shweta puts mehendi for Juhi. Juhi thanks Shweta for accepting her. Shweta says that initially she did not accept Avni too. Shweta tells Juhi about how she had tortured Avni. Shweta asks Juhi not to be scared. Shweta writes V on Juhi’s hand and Juhi gets shocked. Shweta makes the V into an N. Neela comes there and scolds Shweta for doing the marriage. Neela blames Shweta for getting Neil married to Juhi despite of Avni being in his life. Prakash and Shweta say that they are following Neil’s wishes. Neela threatens to drink poison. Shweta stops her and says that Mishti is Neil’s daughter. Neela says that she only cares for her daughter Avni. Neela threatens to send everyone to jail after she commits suicide. Neela says she has already written a suicide note where she has blamed Juhi. Shweta says that they have the DNA report as proof that Mishti is Neil’s daughter. Neela drinks the poison. Juhi starts panicking and says that she will be sent to jail. Prakash and Shweta ask her not to panic as Mishti is her and Neil’s daughter. Juhi suddenly says that Mishti is not Neil’s daughter. Neil and DD come there and record everything. Avni comes to Vidyut. Avni gets a message that Juhi has admitted the truth. Vidyut understands that Avni is behind everything. Avni blames Vidyut for making Juhi against them and making her remember her childhood. Vidyut says that she has won this battle but he will win the next battle. Neil tells Juhi that Mishti is Vidyut’s daughter. Juhi stutters and gets panicked. Neil tells Juhi that she has become evil just like Vidyut and Guruma. Juhi says that she did everything for Mishti’s sake. Juhi tells Neil that he would not have saved Mishti if he knew that she was not his daughter. Neil says that he would have saved Mishti anyway knowing she was in trouble. Neil says that this is the difference between her and Avni and therefore he loves Avni. Neela tells Juhi that a woman can bring up a daughter all by herself. Neil asks DD to take away Juhi to jail. DD says that Mishti will have to be taken under child protection. Prakash says that they will take Mishti’s custody. Neil says he will put Bebe’s attempt to murder case on Juhi. Avni calls Neil and says she is coming. Avni suddenly sees that Balu and Vidyut have captured Mishti. Avni wonders how Mishti came to them as she was with DD. Vidyut tells Avni that they will see who will win this game now. Vidyut says he does not like to lose especially to a woman. Mishti cries for Avni. Avni suddenly beats Vidyut with a rod. Avni drops her mobile phone. Avni asks Balu to leave Mishti or else she will break Vidyut’s head. Vidyut’s goons grab Mishti. Avni fights against the goons. Avni beats up everyone and runs away with Mishti. Vidyut throws dust in Avni’s eyes and runs away with Mishti in his car. Neil is informed that DD and his team have been injured and Juhi has also run away and Vidyut has taken away Mishti. Neela and Shweta are tensed. Neil calls up Avni but cannot get through. Avni runs after Vidyut’s car. Vidyut calls up Juhi and blames her. Juhi warns Vidyut that if she goes to jail she will drag him along. Avni collapses after trying to chase the car.

Precap:  Juhi is near a cliff along with Mishti and Avni has her at gun point. Juhi tells her that she cannot shoot her. Vidyut is behind Avni and he shoots Avni. Neil and family are shocked.

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