Naamkaran 12th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 11, 2017

Naamkaran 12th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 13th December Precap

Avni falls while chasing Vidyut’s car. Vidyut’s car suddenly stops.  Vidyut tells Juhi to meet him somewhere. Avni sees Vidyut’s car. When Avni goes near the car she sees that there is no one inside. Avni thinks to call Neil but she does not have her phone. Avni sees shoe prints and follows it. Vidyut drags Mishti along and she insists to go to angel. Mishti leaves Vidyut’s hand and runs away Avni searches for Mishti. Mishti sees Avni and gets happy. Juhi catches hold of Mishti and takes her away. DD gives Avni’s location to Neil. Juhi gets Mishti to Vidyut. Vidyut asks Juhi to take Mishti to helipad and he will arrange for helicopter to come. Avni sees a doll dressed up just like Mishti. Vidyut looks at her from far. Vidyut plays a song for Avni. Avni asks Vidyut not to hide and come in front of her. Vidyut thinks he will finish off Avni soon. Mishti tells Juhi that she wants to go to angel. Juhi tells Mishti that she is her mother and she has to listen to her only. Juhi also threatens to slap her. Juhi carries away Mishti and takes her away. Mishti remembers Avni’s stories and leaves a trail of her jewelry and accessories so that Neil can find her. Neil comes there and sees shoe prints and follows it. Avni continues to search for Mishti. Juhi scolds Mishti. Avni sees the trail of Mishti’s accessories. Avni thinks she will now save Mishti. Neil and Neela are looking for Avni. Neil also finds Mishti’s accessories. Neil tells Neela that they will follow the trail. Juhi drags Mishti and takes her to the helipad. Juhi wonders why Vidyut has not come. Juhi wonders whether Vidyut is double crossing her. Juhi is unable to call Vidyut. Balu points gun at Avni. Avni tries to snatch gun from Balu. Avni falls and gets injury on her head. Avni is able to get the gun. Avni asks Balu to move from her way or else she will shoot her. Balu challenges her to shoot him as he will not let her go to Mishti. Avni and Balu fight again and Avni pulls the trigger at Balu. Neil and Neela also hear the gunshot. Juhi also hears and gets worried. Shweta prays to God to make everything alright. Bebe starts waking up. Mishti insist to go to angel. Avni comes there and stops Juhi. Avni points gun at Juhi and warns her not to raise her hand on Mishti. Avni tells Juhi that she will find Mishti from anywhere. Juhi says that Mishti is her daughter. Avni tells her that she is not worth being called a mother. Bebe gains consciousness. Ali comes there and says that he cannot get through to Avni. Avni asks Juhi whether she is waiting for Vidyut to come and save her. Avni blames Juhi for misusing Mishti. Avni also blames Juhi for breaking Neil’s trust. Avni asks Juhi to surrender for Mishti’s sake. Avni asks Juhi to give Mishti to her. Neil and Neela continue to look for Avni. Neela is very scared. Neil calls up DD for help. Juhi warns Avni not to come forward. Juhi blames Vidyut for making her do wrong things. Avni says that Mishti will become bad if she stays with her. Juhi takes Mishti in her arms and Avni asks her to hand her over. Avni approaches her with a gun. Juhi warns to jump off the cliff along with Mishti. Juhi moves towards cliff.

Precap:  Juhi is near a cliff along with Mishti and Avni has her at gun point. Juhi tells her that she cannot shoot her. Vidyut is behind Avni and he shoots Avni. Neil and family are shocked.

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