Naamkaran 13th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 12, 2017

Naamkaran 13th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 14th December Precap

Avni tells Juhi not to take Mishti anywhere. Avni asks Juhi to hand over Mishti. Juhi threatens to jump over the cliff along with Mishti. Avni warns to hand over Mishti or else she will shoot her. Avni counts till three. Ali tells DD that Avni asked to book tickets for herself and Mishti as she was sure that something would go wrong. Juhi moves towards the cliff with Mishti in her arms. Avni points gun at Juhi. Vidyut comes behind Avni with a gun. Avni calls out three and trigger gets pulled. Bullet hits Juhi on forehead and she falls dead. Neil and Neela also come there and witness everything. Juhi falls down the cliff along with Mishti. Neil runs to Avni and both look down the cliff. Avni tries to go down the cliff but Neil and Neela control Avni. Avni screams out for Mishti Bebe wakes up and asks Shweta and Prakash for Neil and Avni. Neil asks DD to search for Mishti. Vidyut tells someone that he wants Mishti at any cost. Police reaches there and Neil takes the gun which Avni held. Lady police asks for Avni’s fingerprints. Neil asks Avni to tell her what happened there. Avni is in a daze. Avni remembers getting shot by Dayawanti. Neil asks Avni who shot the bullet. Avni is speechless. Avni says Dayawanti Mehta. Avni falls unconscious. Bebe calls out for Neil and Avni and says something bad is going to happen. Guruma asks Balu to go away far. Vidyut meets Guruma and tells her that he has trapped Avni in such a way that she will never be able to get free. Vidyut says that Juhi’s death blame will be on Avni as he had put gunpowder on Avni’s gun. Guruma says that he has taken revenge for Dayawanti. Vidyut says that Avni will be sentenced to life imprisonment. Vidyut says that Mishti got drowned along with Juhi. Neela tells Ali about everything. Juhi’s body gets found. Neil tells DD to tell divers to find Mishti at any cost. Neil tells Policeman to find the other gun. DD ask Neil whether he is doubting Avni. Neela fears that if evidence will not be found then Avni will be blamed for the murder. Avni wakes up at home and asks Neil for Mishti. Neil tells Avni that Mishti is safe and she is at home. Avni is relieved that Mishti is alright. Neil tells Avni that they have won. Avni hugs Neil. Neil and Avni share romantic moment. Neil tends to Avni’s wounds. Neil is about to kiss Avni. Avni suddenly wakes up realizing it was all a dream. Avni tries to call up Neil but realizes her phone is lost DD tells Neil that commissioner is waiting for him. Shweta comes to Avni and asks her if Mishti is found. Shweta starts crying.  Avni breaks down. Neil tells commissioner that he heard two gunshots and Juhi died with the second gunshot. Neil says that they have to find out Juhi died with which gun. DD says that they have not found the other gun. Vidyut comes there and pleads Neil to help him to find Mishti. Vidyut says that Juhi sent him a voice message that Mishti is his daughter. Vidyut plays the voice message where Juhi says that Avni is trying to kill her and she is scared of her. Commissioner informs that Juhi has fallen off cliff and died. Vidyut says that Mishti does not know how to swim and pleads to save her. Neil asks Vidyut where was he from morning till evening. Vidyut asks whether he is doubting him. Vidyut asks whether any policeman was there to see the culprit. Commissioner asks Neil if he saw anyone at the crime scene. Neil takes Avni’s name. Neil tells Vidyut that he has a motive to kill Juhi. Neil asks Vidyut for his whereabouts. Vidyut says he will prove that Avni has shot Juhi.

Precap: Vidyut tells Neil to arrest Avni. Vidyut tells Neil to handover Avni to her in exchange of her freedom. Vidyut says he is spellbound by Avni’s boldness.

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