Naamkaran 14th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 13, 2017

Naamkaran 14th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 15th December Precap

Vidyut tells commissioner to tell Neil to arrest his wife. Commissioner says that a criminal is a criminal. Neil tells commissioner that he will resign from his job. Ali packs Avni’s bag and tells her to run away as police has doubts on her. Ali says that Vidyut will get her sent to jail. Shweta comes there and says that Avni will not run away as she has not done any crime. Shweta says that she will give her statement in court that Avni is innocent. Avni says that she is innocent and Neil will prove her innocence. Neil tells Neela that he knows Avni is innocent and he wants to know how Vidyut laid out this plan. Neil sees that a man has kidnapped a small baby. Neil chases the man and rescues the small baby. The mother comes there and thanks Neil for rescuing her baby. Neil scolds the woman and tells her that she should have taken care of her child. Neil gets a call from DD informing him that forensic report shows that Avni had gunpowder on her hand. Neil tells Neela that all evidence is against Avni. Vidyut meets Avni and tells her that he has won against her. Avni tells him that his own daughter is missing and he is bothered about winning and losing. Avni tells Vidyut she will not spare him. Vidyut gets happy saying he is happy to continue this enmity with her. Avni tells Vidyut that she will complete this enmity with him and he will face his worst enemy Ananya Verma. Avni asks Vidyut to wait for him. Later, Vidyut thinks about Avni. Neil comes there and Vidyut taunts him about Avni. Vidyut tells Neil that he will have to arrest Avni soon. Neil tells him that he knows that he has killed Juhi. Vidyut laughs and asks Neil to arrest him but he has no proof against him. Vidyut tells Neil that he can either arrest Avni or else he can hand over Avni to him. Neil holds Vidyut’s collar in anger. Vidyut instigates Neil and tells him that he cannot get Avni out of his mind. Vidyut says that Avni is fearless and very beautiful. Vidyut says that Avni has become his love and his passion. Neil gets furious with Vidyut. Vidyut tells Neil to hand over Avni to him or send her to jail. Vidyut asks Neil to make his decision. Neil tells commissioner that he will not back out from this case. Commissioner tells Neil that he will have to arrest his wife. Avni meets DD and hears commissioner telling Neil to arrest Avni. Neil says that they have a few hours to investigate. Commissioner says that their reputation is at risk. Avni thinks that Neil is in a dilemma because of her. Neil meets Avni and Avni asks him about Mishti. Neil says she will be found. Avni says that she is sure that Mishti is fine. Neil asks Avni to go back home and rest. Neil tells DD that they have just a few hours to prove Avni’s innocence. Avni sees two police constables at the crime scene. Avni thinks about Neil’s words not to break the law. Avni thinks that she has to find evidence to prove her innocence. Avni says that she is innocent. Avni remembers getting arrested in her childhood days for killing her mother. Avni thinks she will prove her innocence.  Avni quietly looks around the crime scene for evidence. Avni looks down the cliff and thinks about Mishti. Avni is about to slip but Neil comes there and saves her. Neil asks Avni to read the banners there which forbids anyone from crossing. Neil scolds Avni for breaking the law. Neil asks Avni whether she came to remove evidence against her.

Precap: Neil tells Avni that he thought that she would trust him but she did not. Neil shows handcuffs to Avni and says that the only relationship left between them is a policeman and a criminal.

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