Naamkaran 15th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 14, 2017

Naamkaran 15th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 16th December Precap

Avni asks Neil whether he is doubting that she is a killer. Neil is speechless. Avni asks him to arrest her if he is doubting her. Neil tells Avni that she is innocent till proven guilty. Neil tells Avni that her being at the crime scene will create trouble for her. Neil asks Avni to go back home. Neil warns Avni for breaking the law again. Neil tells Neela that he does not have any evidence against Vidyut. Neil gets hysterical and wants to kill Vidyut. Neela slaps Neil and controls him. Avni tells Ali about all the past incidents saying that it was all a plan against her. Avni says that the bones that they sent to Vidyut can become evidence against her. Avni says that even in childhood she was sent to jail as evidence was against her. Ali says that she is innocent but Avni says that she has no evidence to prove it. Vidyut calls Neil and tells him that he has only 6 hours left. Vidyut tells Neil that he will take very good care of Avni. Vidyut taunts that his beautiful wife will suffer. Ali asks Avni what she will do and Avni says she will run away as Neil will not be able to arrest her. Neil asks Neela for her permission for something and Neela agrees while crying. Prakash and Shweta ask Neil what is the progress. Neil says that she will find out the truth and will do whatever is right as per law. Prakash tells him that it is his duty to save his wife. Avni is with a lie detector machine and tells Neil to find out whether she has done the crime. Neil asks Avni to close her eyes. When Avni opens her eyes, Neil tells Avni that he will not make her do the test. Neil says he wants to end his birthday on a good note and wants her to give gift which she had promised him. Neil makes Avni wear a waistband romantically. Neil makes Avni wear bangles. Avni has tears in her eyes. Neil kisses Avni’s hand, forehead neck, shoulders… Neil tells Avni that he has hurt a lot. Neil says that because of Juhi their life became so complicated. Neil says that he loves her the most but he has hurt her the most. Neil puts Sindoor on her head. Neil tells Avni that no matter what the world thinks, he will always love her. Neil makes Avni wear mangalsutra. Avni tells Neil she is very tired. Neil makes Avni lie down on the bed. Neil takes away the other mangalsutra and thinks that Avni will hate him after what he is going to do. Neil thinks that Avni is innocent and this is the only way for him to save her. Avni falls asleep and Neil leaves. Avni wakes up and thinks that that no matter what the world thinks, she will always love Neil and will always be his. DD tells Neil that all evidence is against Avni. DD says that Avni had got her and Mishti’s tickets booked as per Ali. Shweta tells Neil that it was Ali’s plan to make Avni run away with Mishti.  Vidyut calls Neil and tells him that he has just 60 minutes left. Vidyut says that he will come to take his Avni. Avni walks away with a bag and gets Ali’s message that he is waiting for her. Vidyut waits in his car outside Neil’s hosue and thinks that Neil will fulfill the deal to save Avni. Avni is with Ali outside the hosue and Neil comes there along with other policemen. Vidyut thinks that Avni cannot run away so easily. Neil scolds Avni and reminds her that he had told her not to cross the line. Avni asks Neil to listen to her. Avni asks Neil to believe her. Neil asks Avni to shut up. Neil says that he thought she would trust her. Neil tells Avni that she has always done what her heart has said not caring about him Neil tells her what is the use of their relationship. Neil tells Avni that he is not her husband standing before her but a policeman. Neil pulls off Avni’s mangalsutra and everyone gets shocked. Neil throws the mangalsutra and shows handcuffs to Avni. Vidyut watches everything.

Precap: Avni beats up other inmates in the prison. Neil catches hold of Avni.

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