Naamkaran 15th January 2018 written episode, written update

Jan 15, 2018

Naamkaran 15th January 2018 written episode, written update, starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 16th January 2018 Precap

Avni touches the live wire and gets an electric shock and falls from the ladder. Everyone gathers around Avni and Avni steals the jailer’s mobile phone. Ragini sees the mobile phone and returns it to the jailer. Neil reaches Vidyut’s party along with his family and Vidyut gets happy seeing them. Vidyut calls Neil his friend and offers him a drink. Vidyut adds some powder in Neil’s drink and offers it to him. Neil gulps down the drink. DD also comes there and Vidyut tells him that Neil will be with him and enjoy the party. Vidyut orders Neil to get a drink for him. Neil tells him it is not his job. Vidyut says that he is responsible for his security and therefore he should take care that no one spikes his drink. Neil loses control over himself and drops the glass.

Neil gets drunk in Vidyut's party

Neil tells everyone that he is drunk and starts acting crazy. Neil calls the dancers to dance. The dance begins and Neil also dances along. Neil’s family gets embarrassed. The commissioner scolds Neil. Neil tells commissioner to check Vidyut’s behavior first. Neil pounces on Vidyut and tells him that he ruined his life. Neil warns Vidyut that he will destroy him. Neil gets stopped by DD. Vidyut asks Commissioner to keep Neil away from him. Ragini asks Avni whom she wanted to call. Ragini tells Avni that Neela will be killed if she does not make her escape. Jailer asks everyone to write letter. Avni says that she too wants to write a letter. Jailer refuses so Avni says that she will sit on a hunger strike. Jailer allows Avni to write letter. Neil’s family puts Neil in bed and worry for him. Flashback shows that Neil did not drink from the glass that Vidyut gave him and did the drama as he wanted to get a leave from his duty for one day. Jailer tells Ragini that she cannot help her directly. Ragini says that she cannot leave without Avni. Vidyut calls Ragini and asks her how is Avni. Ragini thinks that she will end Vidyut’s obsession for Avni once she is out of jail. Ragini sees the letter that Avni has written and reads that it is a simple letter that Avni has written for Shweta. Ragini asks jailer to send the letter to her family. Neil apologizes to commissioner and commissioner asks him to take a leave for one weak. Neil’s family gets the letter but Neil takes it to his room and reads it. Neil gets the smell of lemon juice from the letter and puts it over fire. Neil reads that Avni has to escape with Ragini and Neela is kidnapped. Neil tells his family that he is leaving the city. Neil sees Balu keeping an eye on him. Balu tells Vidyut that he is getting his men to follow Neil. Vidyut says that now he can get Avni and Ragini out of jail. Neil and Ali are both in separate cars. Avni wonders if Neil got her secret message. Jailer gives Ragini phone and Avni sees this. Avni quietly steals the phone and thinks to call Neil quickly. Avni sees a video of Neela in Vidyut’s captivity. Ragini and jailer catch Avni and Ragini asks her whether she was planning to call Neil. Ragini says that Neela will pay if she does any trick. Avni warns Ragini that she will finish her. Avni tells Ragini to meet her at 7 in the evening. Precap: Vidyut meets a Sardarji and says that he has seen him somewhere. Vidyut asks Balu to get all the information of Sardarji. Avni cuts the wire and Sunehri sees her and thinks she will never let her run.

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