Naamkaran 19th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 18, 2017

Naamkaran 19th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 20th December Precap

Vidyut sees Neo on his tab and tells Balu to stop the car saying that Neo is planting bomb in his truck. The truck blasts. Vidyut says that how come he ran away if he was is the truck. Neo takes off his mask and he is Neil. Neil says that if law cannot catch someone then Neo uses another trick to do justice. Neil thinks that he is still in pain for his injustice to Avni.  Some jail inmates are arguing with each other. A bar dancer inmate comes and starts dancing. An old lady in jail says to call Avni. Vidyut says that Neo is none other than Neil but Balu says that it cannot be possible as Neil is in his hosue. The old lady calls Avni. Avni thinks about the past and how Neil arrested her. Neela scolds Neil and tells her that he took a big risk today and he would be in danger if she had not put bug in his coat. Neil says that he will not stop till Vidyut is destroyed. Vidyut says that Neil is taking revenge from him as he destroyed his love and he is destroying his business. Vidyut hits his man and says that Neo is Neil Khanna. Neil thinks that he should have been with Avni and she would not have fallen into trouble. Neil says that he should not have got Juhi in their lives. Neil promises that he will bring back Avni in his life. The dancer is dancing in jail. A woman is injured and a gang of three inmates approaches the rest. Lady constables ask the inmates not to create any trouble. One of the inmates is shown as a vamp and bosses around with everyone. The bad inmate asks to start the film and tells the dancer to make tea for her. The dancer tells her not to order her. The vamp drags the dancer and asks her to dance on coals. Avni is seen in her cell and an inmate comes and tells her and that a new inmate is misbehaving with Sunehri. The new vamp inmate says that only her (Monica’s) rule will be there from now on. Monica forces Sunehri to dance on the coals. Avni comes there and asks Monica not to force Sunehri. Old lady says that Avni will teach Monica a lesson. Monica taunts Avni and says that she has heard about her. Monica says that from now on her rule will be there. Avni thinks about how she will attack Monica and her two sidekicks. Monica’s sidekicks approach Avni with sticks. Avni has a chain in her hands. Avni throws the chain at them and they get trapped and fall. Monica throws a knife at Avni but she ducks. Avni and Monica fight with each other. Avni sets the rope on fire and scares away Monica and her sidekicks. Avni douses the fire with an extinguisher. All the inmates cheer for Avni. The policewomen come there and Monica complains that Avni beat her up. Avni says that there is no marks on her hand so she has not hit her.  The policewoman says that Avni is a good inmate and she can never do such a thing. The constables take away Monica and she looks angrily at Avni. Avni thinks that she will get out of jail soon and Vidyut will have to wait for her.

Precap: Avni has a goddess poster on prison wall and thinks that only goddess can help her. There is a big hole behind the poster. Commissioner tells Neil that he is responsible for Vidyut’s safety from now on. Neil tells Vidyut that Neo will not be able to harm him. Vidyut thinks that now they will know who is Neo.

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