Naamkaran 1st January 2018 written episode, written update

Jan 01, 2018

Naamkaran 1st January 2018 written episode, written update, starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 2nd January 2018 Precap

Neil tells DD that Avni is missing and they should look for her without anyone knowing. DD gets information that the real Santa has not arrived yet. Neil understands that Vidyut came as Santa.  Jailer tells Neil that Avni is not seen anywhere and she may be in his cabin repairing the wall. Neil has doubt on Vidyut. Avni cries in Neil’s cabin recalling her and Neil’s closeness. Avni tells herself not to cry as she has to fight against Neil. Avni tells herself that she has to find her freedom and get revenge from Vidyut. Avni says that she hates Neil and hates the saree that he gave. Avni finds a secret way inside Neil’s cabin. Neil sees in his cabin that Avni is not there. Neil scolds his team and asks them to search for Avni. Neil fears Vidyut has taken away Avni. Avni enters a secret room which has old and broken furniture. Avni wonders where this way leads to. Avni thinks she can escape from here. Avni reaches a dead end and thinks to return. Avni looks through a hole and sees Vidyut. Avni sees Vidyut with Monica and wonders what they are talking. Vidyut thanks Monica for accepting her offer. Monica says that she got shocked to know that Avni is Neil’s wife. Monica says that she will get Neil and he can keep Avni. Vidyut promises  Monica to get her out of jail after she completes the mission. Avni sees Vidyut talking to someone on the phone telling him to meet someplace where Neo will come. Avni hear everything. Jailer meets Vidyut and Vidyut offer donation. Avni thinks he will not leave Vidyut. Neil scolds his team for allowing someone in jail without identification.  Neela informs Neil that Vidyut has not come yet. Neil thinks that Vidyut is in jail but he cannot tell Neela as she will worry. Neil thinks that he will not spare Vidyut if Avni is harmed. Avni thinks she will not spare Vidyut. Neil drops his file and when he picks it up, he sees Avni in his cabin. Neil asks Avni where was she and he was searching for her everywhere. Avni asks Neil why he cares where she is. Avni says she had gone to take medicine for her head pain. Neil tells Avni that he does not want to fight with her anymore. Neil tells Avni to become old Avni once again just for one day. Neil hugs Avni and cries. Neil thinks he was very worried for Avni. Avni breaks away from the hug and moves away. Neil stops Avni and pulls her again towards him and looks at her romantically.

Neil traps Avni

Neil plants a bug in Avni’s blouse. Avni realizes that Neil has handcuffed her to the table. Avni ask Neil what he has done and Neil tells her that she has to spend the night there. Avni calls Neil a fraud. Neil thinks that Vidyut has a special consignment today and he has to catch him. Avni thinks that Neil only cares for his duty and will not believe that she is innocent. Avni thinks his she gets the blueprint then she will get the way out of the prison. Avni searches everywhere. Avni sees the laptop and opens it to get the soft copy of the blue print. Sunehri and other inmates look for Avni. Jailer says that Avni is in Neil’s cabin and cannot leave. Sunehri and other inmates say they will go there to give food to Avni. Avni reads that the jail was used in olden days for political prisoners and therefore it has a secret escape route. Avni searches for the file on the laptop and finally sees the blue print of the jail. Avni takes print out of the the blue print while inmates go towards her room. Monica stops them and asks them where they are taking the food. The printer gets stuck and Avni starts to panic. Monica scolds Inmates for giving food to Avni as she is being punished. Avni hears someone coming towards Neil’s cabin. Jailer comes in with other inmates. Avni has a torn copy of the blue print. Precap: Avni tries to get complete print out but fails. Inmates find a crushed paper. Monica opens the paper and sees that blue print and thinks Avni wants to run away. 

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