Naamkaran 20th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 19, 2017

Naamkaran 20th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 21st December Precap

The constable tells Monica that her punishment is over and now she can stay in the open prison like other inmates. Monica looks around and sees all inmates doing handicraft and other work and gets puzzled. Avni tells one inmate that she has not completed her work. Monica wonders why everyone listens to Avni.  Monica confronts Sitara and asks her to tell her details about Avni. Monica coaxes Sitara to tell her everything about her. Sitara says that when Avni came in the jail she was very quiet like a stone and was completely inactive. Sitara says that there was a vamp in the jail who used to trouble other inmates. Avni beat her up and from that day onwards no one bosses around in the jail. Sitara says that Avni teaches a lesson to anyone who bosses around. Sitara says that Avni also taught them to do crafts which are sold in charity exhibitions. She says that Avni meditates when she is alone. Sunehri talks with an inmate and says that she wants to fall in love and marry. The inmates get a radio news about Neil getting an award for his deeds and good work. Avni gets tears in her eyes. Avni’s hand starts bleeding. The old lady tells her never to break the bond of love. Avni remembers Neil breaking off their relationship. The commissioner tells Vidyut that Neil is an ideal police officer who has got his own wife arrested and he will help him. Neil taunts Vidyut saying he knows about his charity work. Commissioner asks Neil to take care of Vidyut’s security. Neil says that he will not let Neo harm Vidyut. Vidyut says that Neil is the perfect man for this job. Vidyut says that he is taking a medicinal powder for sick villagers. Neil thinks he must be taking drugs. Vidyut think that he will find out who exactly is Neo. Monica asks Sitara what is going on seeing everyone playing. Sitara says that this is their free time where everyone is allowed to do whatever they want. Sitara says that Avni has introduced this for them. Avni is seen praying to goddess Idol. Avni thinks this is ideal time to do her work. Avni moves the Goddess poster and looks at the hole and says that no jail can trap her. Neil does exercise breaking bricks. Neil remembers Vidyut asking to give him Avni. Avni is seen breaking the wall furthermore. Avni thinks that Ali had told her about the secret way. The constable takes away Monica and tells her that she will share the same prison cell as Avni. Constable tells Avni that Monica will stay with her from now on. Monica shakes hands with Avni and asks her to forget yesterday’s events. Avni does not shake Monica’s hand and sits near the Goddess poster and seals it. Avni says she does not believe in friendship and love. Neela tells Neil that he has to be careful otherwise Vidyut will know that he is Neo. Neela says that since he is responsible for the security, she will become Neo today. Avni teaches computer to the inmates. Avni gets a computer and thinks to get information to run away from prison. Monica sees Avni working on computer. Avni gets information about chemical to dissolve metal. Monica wonders why Avni is using internet. Avni leaves and Monica looks at the internet history but finds it cleared.  Monica thinks that Avni is hiding something and she will find out what it is. Avni sees Monica using computer.

Precap: Ali disguises and gives food to Avni telling her to meet him near Panvel after escaping prison. Neil tells Neela to attack Vidyut as Neo at Panvel and give Vidyut a big shock. Avni is seen getting out of a gutter.

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