Naamkaran 21st December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 20, 2017

Naamkaran 21st December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 22nd December Precap

Sitara and Tara argue about the food. Ali comes there in the kitchen area and Avni sees him. Sunehri flirts with Ali. Sunehri tells Ali that he should open a bar where she will dance and he will cook food. Lady Police tells Ali that they will renew catering contract with him. Ali promises to give everyone sweets. Avni says that tonight is her amawas fast. Ali remembers that Avni had told him that she will escape the day she tells him she is keeping amawas fast. Monica tells Avni that she has changed the outlook of the jail. Ali gives Avni the food with a note. Avni reads the note where Ali gives her instructions to escape. Neil explains plan to Neela about given a shock to Vidyut being Neo. Avni plans out her escape. Monica comes with her sidekicks and asks them to beat up Avni. The women start beating. Suddenly Avni comes and ask them to stop. Monica realizes they were beating the wrong woman. Avni confronts Monica and her sidekicks and tells them she will show them how to attack. Avni bangs her head and her head starts bleeding. Avni tells Monica this is an injury. Neil thinks Avni is in trouble. Avni harms herself. The other inmates come and they think that Monica has beat up Avni. The inmates call the policewoman. The policewoman warns Monica that she will put her in the dark cell for three days. Avni gets a bandage on her head. Avni marks the timing of executing her plan. Neela and Neil discuss their plan. Neil tells Neela that it is risky to send her as Neo. Neela says that they have to stop Vidyut. DD informs Neil that Avni has got attacked in jail. Neil asks DD to go to jail and find out what happened exactly. Neela is worried. Neil says he will go to jail but Neela tells him that he has to go with Vidyut. Vidyut calls Neil and asks him whether he is coming. Vidyut asks Neil to get DD along too. Neela tells Neil that she will go to Avni and he should go to Vidyut as they have to prove that Neil and Neo are two different people. Neil thinks today is his test to get justice for Avni. Avni also thinks that she needs help from God. At night, Avni prepares for her escape. Avni once again prays to Goddess. Avni removes the poster and escapes from the hole behind it. Vidyut is in his car and sees that Neil is not there in the police van. Vidyut thinks that Neil will come becoming Neo. Vidyut’s truck gets punctured by nails on the road. While Avni is escaping, she thinks about Neil’s words not to break the law. Vidyut’s truck stops and Vidyut asks DD why he is facing this problem. Neil comes to Vidyut. Avni uses the chemical to melt the metal. Neil asks the reason for truck stopping and the man says that it has a puncture.  Neil thinks he has just 10 minutes to do his job. Neil asks all the lights to be put off. The metal mesh melts. Ali sees the police cars and thinks that their mission will fail. Ali prays to God to save Avni. Neil thinks he will lose against Vidyut today. Vidyut asks Neil how come Neo has not come and whether he got scared of him. Neil thinks he lost today. Avni comes out of the gutter and sees Ali.

Precap: Avni is peeping out of the gutter and the police constables approach her. The lady police searches for Avni all over the prison.

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