Naamkaran 22nd December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 21, 2017

Naamkaran 22nd December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 23rd December Precap

Avni gets out of the gutter and sees the policemen. Two constables approach Avni. Vidyut tells Neil that Neo has not come and this means that he is Neo. Neela goes to police station and demands the lady police to meet Avni. The policewoman goes to get Avni. Policewoman wonders where is Avni as she is not seen anywhere. Avni thinks that she will have to go back. Ali also hopes that Avni should go back. Vidyut tells Neil that he will help him to find Neo. Vidyut says he will count till three and if Neo does not come then he will go for his charity function. Avni sees a water pipe and tries to start it. As Vidyut counts till three, Avni starts the water and the water pours all over Vidyut’s truck and his boxes get drenched. Vidyut thinks that Neo has done this. Neil thinks that Neela has done this being Neo. Neil asks his team to look for Neo. The man tells Vidyut that his goods are destroyed. Neil tells Vidyut that Neo made him a fool and ran away. Vidyut says he will kill Neo. Avni thinks she has stopped police from coming to her but she has to get back to the police station anyhow. DD asks Neil how this happened and they should investigate, Neil says they don’t have time. Avni thinks that her months of planning has gone wasted. Avni thinks he has to return before jailor finds her missing Policewoman asks her team to look for Avni everywhere. Avni manages to get back in her prison cell. Policewoman finds Avni fallen on the ground somewhere. Neela tries to call Neil but cannot get through. Neela gets shocked to see Avni unconscious. Policewoman asks Avni how she reached bathroom as they dint see her anywhere. Avni says that she told constable to open her locker but constable refuses. Avni says that she must have forgotten. The constable gets scolded by the policewoman and Avni feels sorry to get her in trouble. Policewoman gives Neela 10 minutes to meet Avni. Neela meets Avni and gets emotional. Neela says she could not save her and failed as her mother. Avni says she is best mother and she failed as a daughter. Avni asks Neela to sing Aisha’s lullaby for her. Neela and Avni sing the song together emotionally. Avni tells Neela to give the medicines to Avni as she must be in a lot of pain. Neela tells Neil that he too is in pain. Neil blames himself for sending Avni to jail and causing pain to her. Avni says that he has not seen Avni since long but he can imagine her pain. Neil says she wants to go to Avni and be with her. Neela says that God is with them as he sent someone as Neo. Neela says that the police has been able to take way Vidyut’s destroyed goods and they will soon find out that the powder in his truck was not medicine and instead it was drugs. Neela says that he will be able to take confession from Vidyut that Avni is innocent. Neil says that if Neela was in prison then who helped him becoming Neo. Vidyut wonders who helped him. Ali meets Avni and gives the medicines which Neela sent. Ali tells Avni that they will have to delay their escape plan. Avni says she cannot wait any longer. Ali gives her Poha which Neela sent. Constable does not allow Avni to eat outside food. Avni asks Ali to wait outside after few hours. Sunehri tells about her plans to find a man and get married. Avni says that love and marriage is nonsense. Avni says that love is just imaginary and her partner will always doubt on her and not trust her. The old lady inmate comes and says that she has got a holiday. The old lady says that a man called Maan Dixit has got the new contract. Avni wonders who is this man. One inmate says he is a minister’s son. Neil goes to the gutter and wonders who was there. Avni sees the picture of Maan Dixit in the newspaper. One inmate is in the store room and Maan Dixit traps her and tries to molest her. Neil tells DD they will have to go inside the gutter. Neil sees that the pipeline was tampered and asks DD to investigate about it. Neil finds a clue of prisoner uniform in the gutter. Neil thinks that Neela had found Avni completely wet and she was missing around the same time as he was there with Vidyut. Neil thinks that Avni was trying to run away from prison.

Precap: Neil enters the prison and looks at Avni emotionally. Neil hugs Avni and tells her he will get her out of there soon.

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