Naamkaran 25th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 24, 2017

Naamkaran 25th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 26th December Precap

Avni sees Maan Dixit’s news in the newspaper. Avni comes to know that one inmate Preeti is missing. Maan Dixit misbehaves with Preeti in store room. Avni suddenly comes there and asks him to leave Preeti. Maan Dixit begins to flirt with Avni too. Avni remembers Vidyut.  Avni releases Preeti. Avni wears handcuffs and starts video recording. Avni starts beating Maan Dixit. Avni calls Preeti and asks Maan to apologize to her. Maan seeks forgiveness from Preeti. Avni returns the mobile to Maan and tells him that she has sent his video to all his friends and threatens to spread it on social media. Avni brings Preeti to the open area. Jailor comes and announces games for Christmas. Jailor asks to start the decoration and motivates everyone to win the competition. Tara and Sitara argue for being Santa Clause.  Sunehri starts dancing and everyone else joins her. Suddenly Neil comes there and looks at Avni. Neil and Avni look at each other emotionally. Neil hugs Avni. Avni cries and Neil kisses her. Neil asks Avni if she is fine. Avni is speechless. Neil promises Avni that he will get her out of Jail soon. Neil realizes it was his imagination. Avni recalls Neil ending their relationship. Neil thinks that Avni does not trust him but he did not have any other option. Jailor meets Neil. Sunehri gets happy seeing Neil. Neil says that he will check each and every prison cell. Neil asks the inmates to tell if they are having any trouble in the prison and he will solve it in one month. Neil asks DD to write down the complaints. Sunehri begins to flirt with DD. Neil asks Avni if she has any complaints.  Neil thinks that he knows someone tried to run away from jail and wants to know whether it was Avni. Jailor offers lunch to Neil and he says he will eat what the rest of the prisoners eat. Neil sees CCTV footage of inmates. Neela calls Neil and asks him whether Avni is fine and she asks lots of questions. Neil assures Neela that he will take care of Avni. Neela asks Neil to remember that they are doing all this just for Avni. Avni thinks that Neil might be having a doubt that she is trying to run. Avni thinks she has to fill up the hole in her cell wall. Avni is in the prison clinic and Neil comes there. Avni sees Neil and begins to leave and Neil asks Avni where she is going. Neil says it is his responsibility of taking care of all inmates. Neil tells Avni that she cannot go anywhere till her dressing gets completed. Neil does the dressing for Avni and comes very close to her. Neil tells Avni that Monica is a trained fighter and therefore her injury is bad. Neil tells Avni someone is trying to run away from jail. Neil says that she must have understood why he has come to the prison. Neil says that he will correct all problems. Neil warns Avni that she will not get any special treatment for being his wife. Avni says that he arrested her without knowing anything. Avni says that no one should get a husband like him. Avni says that she is just a prisoner and he is an IPS officer and she does not expect any special treatment from him. Avni tells Neil she has work and he should continue with his work. Avni thinks she has to start planning with Ali. Neil thinks he will never let Avni run away and break the law.

Precap: Neil sees Avni sleeping in her cell and also sees the goddess poster moving. Neil thinks there must be a hole behind the poster.

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