Naamkaran 26 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 26, 2018

Naamkaran 26 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Naamkaran 27 January 2018 Precap

Neil finds the suspect of Avni and walks towards the blood mark. They reach inside a cabin. Neil says Avni was here and says that something must have definitely happened here. Neil looks at the fresh paint in the cabin's wall. Neil starts breaking the wall and finds Avni inside. Neil brings Avni out and asks to call the doctor. Neil says sorry that he won't leave her alone. Doctor asks her to take immediately to the hospital. Meanwhile, a female inspector witnesses this. Neil thanks Sunheri. Neil says she was innocent and then to she had to be imprisoned. Neil looks at the lady officer and tells her that he knows who is responsible for Avni's condition. Meanwhile, the officer comes and tells the jailer that she is suspended as they know that she is along with Ragini Pandit. DD interrogates Ragini Pandit while a lawyer comes and takes DD out. Ragini says that he will never find Avni now. Meanwhile, Vidhyut comes there and asks why?  Vidhyut tells her that he wants Avni anyhow. Neil comes there and he reveals the whole truth to Vidhyut. He tells him that she tried killing Avni. Neil tells them about Avni's condition and warns Vidhyut and Ragini Pandit. Ragini tells Vidhyut not to listen to Neil and he is just trying to create rift between us. Doctor says today Avni is survived because of breath taking and yoga exercise.

Naamkaran 26 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Ragini tells Neil that Vidhyut will never go against her. Neil asks who killed Juhi. Meanwhile, Avni tells her mother that they will go home now and she will be in a hapy family. She thanks her mother for bringing Neil to her life. Neil interrogates with Vidhyut and he says he will release his mother as she is against his decision of bringing Avni with Vidhyut. Neil says she will also accept my deal.  Neil tells Vidhyut that he can be imprisoned for a murder case of his dad. 


Vidhyut tells that during Juhi's murder Ragini was released due to medical conditions. He says that she fired bullet to kill Avni which it killed Juhi. Ragini says he is doing wrong by trapping her into this. Neil tells Vidhyut that he will kill him.

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