Naamkaran 27 November 2017 written episode, written update

Nov 26, 2017

Naamkaran 27 November 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 28 November Precap

Mishti plays with toys and says that Angel is her new mother and Neil is her new father. Mishti says that she is scared of Vidyut. Neil comes there and consoles Mishti to not get scared of Vidyut.  Mishti hugs Neil. Avni has tears in her eyes. Bebe calls out to Juhi.  Bebe shows DNA report to Juhi and the rest of the family. Bebe ask Juhi to read out the report in front of all family members. Bebe asks Juhi why she is scared. Neil asks Bebe why she is doing all this. Juhi takes the report and reads that Mishti’s DNA matches her and Neil’s DNA. Juhi says that she is Mishti’s mother and Neil is her father. Juhi thinks that Vidyut has changed the reports. Avni says they all know this fact. Juhi says that some people had doubts.  Bebe asks Shweta to read reports and clear her doubts.  Bebe tells Shweta that Mishti belongs to their family and she should not forget this.  Bebe says that Juhi will decide what has to be done with her daughter. Bebe says that till now Avni has been taking decisions for Mishti. Bebe says that Avni put her life at risk to save Mishti. Avni says she saved Mishti so that she could live with her mother. Bebe tells Avni to let Mishti stay with her mother. Bebe tells Avni that she has made Mishti go away from her mother. Neil defends Avni and says that she has tried to get Mishti and Juhi closer. Bebe tells the family that no one will interfere in her decision.  Avni walks away. Prakash asks Bebe the reason for her sudden decision.  Bebe tells Neil to adopt Mishti legally. Bebe tells Neil to end his enmity with Vidyut.  Bebe is frustrated with media reaching the house. Juhi says that Bebe is right. Neil says that they should not leave Avni alone. Neil taunts Juhi for not speaking out when Bebe was scolding Avni. Vidyut tells Guruma that he will not let Khanna family live in peace. Guruma is sure Vidyut will win this game. Avni cries and Neil comes there and tells her only giving birth does not make a mother. Avni says she is not Mishti’s mother. Avni says that she rescued Mishti not to become her mother but to make sure Mishti does not to suffer like her.  Avni says she wants Mishti to get her rights. Neil says that Mishti sees her as her mother. Avni says that Juhi is her mother. Neil says that Juhi has changed and she is reacting very weirdly. Avni thinks that Juhi is acting weirdly but this is not the right time to discuss these things. Juhi is asleep and someone touches her head. Juhi thinks it is Neil. It turns out to be Vidyut. Juhi is scared and Vidyut tells her not to cry as they are partners now in their crime. Vidyut tells Juhi that he will explain her the plan. Vidyut tells Juhi that Neil will come to arrest him next day and she should leave Juhi with Avni. Vidyut tells Juhi to accompany Neil when he comes to arrest him. Next morning Juhi is in kitchen and Avni comes there. Juhi asks Avni whether Neil wants to arrest Vidyut. Avni asks Juhi whether she does not want Vidyut arrested. Juhi says that Vidyut is very dangerous. Avni says that they have to do this. Neil comes there and tells Juhi that he is going to arrest Vidyut and she should be with Mishti. Neil asks Juhi not to make any mistakes. Prakash tells Bebe that she behaved harshly with Avni. Prakash tells her that Neil is going to arrest Vidyut. Neil takes blessings form Bebe and Bebe taunts him for not listening to her. Juhi tells Avni to take care of Mishti.  Juhi says that she will go along with Neil to arrest Vidyut. Everyone is boggled.  Juhi confronts Bebe and asks her why she is angry with Avni. Avni hears this. Bebe tells Juhi that Avni will confront her if she is bothered. Neil leaves with his team. Avni confronts Bebe and asks her what is bothering her. Avni asks Bebe to tell her everything clearly. Neil reaches Vidyut’s house and finds Gururma asleep. Neil’s team searches for Vidyut and are unable to find him. Neil demands Guruma to tell where is Vidyut. Guruma says that Vidyut has gone to police station to meet him. Neil sees Mishti’s doll there and thinks that Mishti must be in trouble. 

Precap: Avni tells Juhi that she does not when Vidyut came into the house. Juhi calls Avni careless and selfish. Mishti throws a stone at Juhi’s head. Juhi’s head starts bleeding. Juhi accuses Avni for teaching Mishti to throw stone at her.

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