Naamkaran 27th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 26, 2017

Naamkaran 27th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 28th December Precap

Neil tells Avni that she will have to participate in activities like other inmates and she will not get any special treatment. Avni gets up and thinks that the tunnel is blocked but the police can have a doubt on her. All inmates do Yoga. Avni tells Jailor that it is time for her meditation but Jailor says that she will have to participate in Yoga like other inmates. Monica happily says that she has got freedom from dark cell. Avni thinks she will not be able to escape if Monica comes in her cell. Avni asks Jailer howcome Monica is being released from dark cell as her punishment is not over. Neil asks Monica to meet him privately. Neil tells Monica that he wants something from her in return for cutting down her punishment. Monica says she is ready to do anything for him. Neil asks Monica why she hit Avni. Monica said that Avni hit herself and blamed her. Neil thinks Avni harmed herself so that Monica could be blamed and sent away to dark cell. Neil instigates Monica asking her whether she has got scared of Avni. Monica says she will not spare Avni and is not scared of her. Neil thinks that Avni and Monica will get into a tussle and he will be able to prevent Avni from going in her cell. Neil makes the inmates participate in three legged race. Avni and Monica participate together. Monica purposely falls and blames Avni for making her fall. Jailer tells Monica not to falsely blame Avni. Neil asks Monica and Avni to meet him in his cabin immediately. Neil asks DD what is the progress. DD informs that the tunnel leads to Avni’s cell. Neil asks DD to complete his work and he will ensure Avni does not go to her cell till night. Monica sees Neil’s name plate and joins her own name with Avni. Monica tells Avni that there is something between herself and Neil. Monica says she is friends with Neil as he calls her privately in his cabin. Monica asks Avni if she is jealous. Avni thinks to control her anger. Monica says that Neil is a man and has slipped seeing her. Monica says that Neil is using her now and later she will use him. Avni gets angry and throws something at Monica. Neil sees this and is happy seeing that Avni has broken the law. Neil tells Avni that from now on, she will have to do kitchen duty and will also repair the wall in his cabin. Monica asks to get her legs checked as she may have got a sprain. Neil says that he does not want them to fight and will separate their jail cells. Avni thinks that Neil has unknowingly helped her. Avni and Monica leave. Everyone is eating lunch and Neil asks everyone whether they liked it. Neil taunts Avni saying that the food was tasteless. Monica flirts with Neil and Avni gets angry and Neil looks at her reaction. Inmate asks Neil about his previous cases and Neil says that the most difficult case was case 123. Neil says that he could not catch the culprit but finally caught her. Avni gives food to Neil and tells him that he found the food tasteless so she has made it spicy for him. Neil eats the food and it is extremely spicy and Neil starts panting. Avni gives him more food and Neil tries to avoid it. Neil gets commissioner’s calla and he reminds him about Neo case. Neil sees Avni’s smile and thinks he is ready to eat more spicy food for her smile. Neil thinks he has to meet Vidyut and will have to ask someone to keep an eye on Avni. Neil tells Jailer to continue with jail activities and make sure Avni does not get a break from the activities. Neil goes to meet Vidyut at his house. Neil sees that the lights are switched off. When he puts on the lights, he sees that whole room is filled with Avni’s pictures and paintings. Neil sees that Vidyut has painted a beautiful portrait of Avni. Vidyut tells Neil that he has been collecting Avn’s images since the past 6 months. Vidyut says he will continue to do this till he gets Avni. Nil asks him to shut up. Neil tells him that they should talk about work. Vidyut asks Neil to catch Neo. Neil says he will solve this case soon. Neil shows Vidyut a earring and tells him that he had found this earring where his truck goods got destroyed. Neil says that Neo must be woman. Neil asks Vidyut how he thought he will get Avni. Vidyut tells Neil that he will suffer the longer he makes him wait. Neil says that Avni is his wife and not a toy that he will give her away. Neil tells Vidyut that his end is near.

Precap: Avni gets shocked to see that Neil has covered up the hole in her cell wall and thinks that he ruined her hard work of 6 months. Avni thinks if she gets the jail blue print then she can run away. Avni remembers seeing the jail blueprint on Neil’s table.

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