Naamkaran 28 November 2017 written episode, written update

Nov 27, 2017

Naamkaran 28 November 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 29 November Precap

Neil reaches the police station and he sees Vidyut with Mishti talking to the commissioner. Vidyut complains that the police came into his house and harassed his mother who is unwell. Vidyut says that Mishti has been raised by him. Vidyut says that Mishti is Neil and Juhi’s daughter but Mishti thinks that he is her father. Vidyut claims that Neil is threatening Mishti. Neil tells commissioner that Vidyut is lying. Commissioner says that Mishti herself went o Vidyut. Neil asks Juhi to tell the truth.  Juhi says that when she came to Rang Mahal she did not know she was pregnant. Juhi says that Vidyut took very good care of Mishti and raised her. Neil is shocked by her words. Juhi takes away Mishti and says she only wants her daughter. Commissioner scolds Neil and says that this is not a kidnapping case.  Neil’s family members are unable to find Mishti anywhere.  Juhi returns home with Mishti. Juhi tells Avni that she had asked her to take care of Mishti but Vidyut took her away. Juhi calls Avni careless. Neil comes and angrily goes away. Juhi puts Mishti in the room and locks her up. Neil tells Juhi that she betrayed him. Juhi says that Avni did not take care of Mishti. She had to follow Vidyut’s orders as Mishti was with him. Neil tells Juhi that she used to be fearless earlier but has changed now. Juhi says that earlier she had his love as her strength. Mishti is in her room and Guruma comes near the window and bribes her with sweets. Guruma tells Mishti something. Juhi scolds Avni and tells her that she was careless. Juhi says that Neil could not arrest Vidyut because of her and calls her selfish. Avni says that she accepted a girl who belongs to Neil’s past and she is not selfish. Juhi suddenly gets injured on her head with a stone. All family members are shocked to see that Mishti has thrown the stone at Juhi. Mishti tells Juhi not to scold her angel. Avni recalls her childhood where she threw stone at Dayawanti’s house. Juhi alleges Avni that she has taught Mishti to throw stones. Guruma tells Vidyut that Avni won on vijaydashmi day but today she is burning just like Dayawanti. Mishti tells Juhi that she hates her. Avni tells Mishti that she has done a wrong thing. Avni asks Mishti to apologize to Juhi. Mishti refuses for this. Mishti asks Avni not to cry and she will protect her. Juhi asks Avni to stop her drama. Bebe asks Neil to call the doctor. Juhi asks how Mishti learned to throw a stone. Juhi complains that her own daughter hates her. Juhi asks Avni what else she will teach her daughter. Door bell rings and doctor comes. Doctor asks about the injury and Prakash says that Mishti hit with stone by mistake. Vidyut comes there disguised as a compounder and says that this is a police case. Neil is shocked to see Vidyut.  Neil asks Vidyut to get out of his house. Neil holds Vidyut’s collar and asks him to get lost. Vidyut asks Neil to take care of Juhi. Vidyut leaves taking the stone along with him. Vidyut asks Neil to increase his security. Vidyut warns that he will attack him anytime. Later, Shweta complains to Neela that Juhi spoke very rudely with Avni. Neela wonders who is teaching all this to Mishti.  Vidyut tells Juhi on call that they can defeat Avni by making her recall her childhood incidents. Neela tells Shweta that Avni had hit Dayawanti on her head with a stone and Dayawanti used to call her illegitimate. Shweta fears that Avni will leave Neil just like her. Juhi angrily tells Vidyut that Avni has still not left the house. Vidyut asks Juhi to calm down. Neil enters Juhi’s room and asks her about her injury. Neil tells Juhi that Avni has not tried to harm her. Juhi continues to taunt Avni and says that Mishti is getting close to Avni. Neil tells Juhi that she is not thinking about Mishti. Juhi tells Neil that Avni will take away Mishti one day. Juhi says that illegitimate Avni will take away illegitimate Mishti. Neil tries to slap Juhi but Avni stops him.

Precap: Vidyut meets Avni and tells her that she will not have anything left with her. Vidyut says that he will snatch everything away from her. Guruma meets Juhi and tells her that Vidyut has done his job now she has to do her work. Juhi says she is ready to do anything.

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