Naamkaran 28th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 27, 2017

Naamkaran 28th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 29th December Precap

Neil tells Vidyut that his end is near. Neil puts sindoor on Avni’s portrait and tells Vidyut that he should always remember that Avni is his wife. Avni comes to Neil’s cabin and tells him she is on duty. Avni sees the wall badly damaged and says that she has not done this.  Avni asks Neil why he is harassing her. Neil says he is teaching her discipline. Avni begins to work on the wall. Neil starts eating a watermelon piece and looks at Avni. Neil offers the watermelon to Avni and she takes off the seed from his face and kisses him. Neil realizes its just his imagination. Neil goes to Avni and caresses her face and hugs her. It is Neil’s imagination. Avni falls from the ladder and Neil holds her. Neil comes close to kissing Avni but moves away. Avni sees the jail blue print on Neil’s desk. Neil asks her if she is alright. Avni says that her condition is because of him. Neil thinks he cannot tell her anything because of Vidyut. Avni asks him if he has an answer and Neil says he is helpless. Neil says he will stop her from breaking law. Neil asks Avni to complete the work on the wall.  Avni tells Neil that whatever was between them is over. Avni asks Neil whether he gets good sleep after breaking her heart. Avni says that he never deserved her love and he is heartless. Neil makes Avni touch his chest and says that his heart still beats with her name. Neil is about to kiss Avni but the phone starts to ring. Avni asks Neil whether she can return to her cell as her work is over.  Avni thinks that Neil is on a secret mission. Avni thinks that running from the tunnel is dangerous. Avni returns to her cell and sees that the hole in her cell wall has been filled up. Avni sees a note from Neil saying that Goddess photo is in the right direction. Neil thanks DD for doing all the work properly. Avni thinks that Neil knew she made a hole in the wall and therefore did not let her come in her cell. Avni thinks that Neil destroyed her hard work of 6 months. Avni remembers seeing the prison blue print on Neil’s desk and thinks of getting it to escape. Avni thinks that now she will escape with Goddess help. Next day, Neil sees Avni and thinks he is doing everything to help her.  Tara and Sitara argue about the sindoor box. The sindoor box slips from her hand and goes flying off to Neil. Avni remembers Neil breaking relationship with her. Avni says that Sindoor and marriage are all rubbish and it is a way for men to capture women and make them dance on their tunes.  Avni says that women only get betrayal after marriage. Vidyut looks at inmates profile on his laptop. Vidyut sees Monica’s profile and thinks that she is perfect for getting his work done. Vidyut says that Monica will help to keep Avni away from Neil. Balu asks Vidyut how he will enter the jail.  Vidyut starts singing jingle bells. Neil is in his room and thinks he could tell Avni the truth. DD tells Neil it is time for him to turn romantic and he should think to make Avni happy. DD tells Neil to organize a Christmas party. Neil says this is a good idea and Avni will be happy.

Precap:  Avni tells Neil that he broke off all relations with her. Vidyut thinks that Neo will not be able to destroy his business now. Vidyut enters jail as Santa Clause and Neil looks at him suspiciously. Neil finds Santa Clause clothes outside jail and thinks that Avni must be in trouble.

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