Naamkaran 29 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 29, 2018

Naamkaran 29 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Naamkaran 30th January 2018 Precap

Neil tells Vidyut in the interrogation room that he will be sent to jail for murder of his father in childhood. Neil says that Ragini is the witness of this as she took the blame and went to jail. Flashback shows that Avni had told this secret to Neil in his ear after being saved. Neil tells Vidyut to admit the truth or he will be sent to jail. Neil asks Vidyut who has killed Juhi. Vidyut thinks that his mother betrayed him. Neil asks him why he is silent. Vidyut says that he has not killed Juhi and Ragini has killed Juhi. Vidyut says that Avni is innocent. DD tells Neil that he is lying. Ragini is taken by the constable to the commissioner’s office. Neil meets Ragini and tells her that she is accused of Juhi’s murder. Ragini asks him for proof.

Vidyut traps Ragini

Vidyut comes there and Ragini tells him that they are lying. Vidyut gives statement that Ragini killed Juhi. Balu comes there and says that Avni shot him in self-defense. Vidyut asks Neil whether he will release Avni. Ragini tells Vidyut that he is doing wrong and they are making them go against each other. Vidyut tells her that she tried to kill Avni. Ragini tells Vidyut that Avni is his weakness and they are using her to weaken him. Ragini is taken away. A minister comes to meet Vidyut and tells him that he is no longer a part of the party and makes him sign resignation form. Minister says that he tried to hide his mother’s crime. DD taunts Vidyut. Neil tells Vidyut that Ragini is threat to society. Neil says that he has taken revenge for Avni’s suffering. Neil asks Vidyut to get out of jail. Avni is in hospital and worries as Neil has not come yet to take her. All family members ask Avni to calm down. Neil reaches hospital. Avni thinks she wants Neil to take her away. Neil enters in a mask and kidnaps Avni. Neil gets Avni home and says that he wanted to get her back home with action and adventure. Avni gets angry with Neil. Avni remembers how Neil broke all ties with her in the past. Family members gather to welcome Avni. Avni breaks down and Neil calms her. Avni thanks Neil for giving her back everything. Avni hugs all family members. Neela tells Avni that she has seen a lot of unhappiness. Mishti asks Avni to hug her too. Bebe does Aarti of Avni and welcomes her back home. Avni enters house.  DD puts tracker on Vidyut’s feat and tells him that he will track him everywhere. DD says that he will not live long as he cannot illegally get kidney from his daughter. DD informs someone that Vidyut is under house arrest. Lawyer comes to meet Ragini and gives her a phone. Vidyut tells Ragini on the phone to forgive her as he has made a big mistake. Ragini tells Vidyut that he betrayed her although she always saved him. Vidyut promise Ragini that he will get her out of jail. Ragini warns Vidyut never to meet her or call her again. Ragini asks Vidyut to prepare for her last rights as she will not live long. Vidyut is furious and says that he lost Ragini and Avni too.

Precap: Neil apologizes to Avni for the past. Vidyut promises to destroy Neil and hits DD with a rod.

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