Naamkaran 29 November 2017 written episode, written update

Nov 28, 2017

Naamkaran 29 November 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 30 November Precap

Juhi calls Avni and Mishti illegitimate. Neil raises his hand to slap Juhi but Avni stops him. Juhi says that Avni has started her drama again.  Mishti hugs Neela and tells her that she only wants to live with Avni and does not want to go anywhere. Neela assures her that she will not go anywhere. Neela makes friends with Mishti. Neela tells Mishti that they will play a game where she will ask her a question. Neela ask her who taught her the word illegitimate and who taught her to throw stone. Juhi suddenly comes there and accuses Neela of teaching wrong things to Mishti. Bebe comes there and asks them to stop this nonsense and takes away Mishti. Avni is at her mother’s grave and she thinks about her childhood days. Avni cries saying that she is unable to stop Mishti from turning into Avni. Vidyut suddenly comes there. Avni asks him to go away from her mother’s grave. Vidyut tells Avni her eyes are very beautiful. Vidyut asks Avni to gives medicines to Juhi. Vidyut tells Avni that Juhi has a perfect family who takes care of her and she only has Neil. Vidyut says that Neil will not leave Mishti for her. Vidyut tells Avni that she is a fool to get Juhi in her house. Vidyut says that Juhi is her sautan. Neela is also there and she listens to everything.  Avni tells Vidyut that he is suffering as a woman defeated him. Vidyut tells her that she is right and he cannot forget the pain that she has given him.  Vidyut says that he will snatch everything from her.  Vidyut gives the medicines to Avni. Avni returns home. Neil tells DD on the phone that Mishti has been taken out in the park. Shweta and Bebe are with Mishti in the park. Bebe is upset. Juhi tells Bebe that she will get balloons for Mishti. Shweta tells Bebe that Juhi is not how she looks. Juhi meets Guruma who is in banjara disguise. Guruma says that Vidyut has done his job and now she has to do her work. Juhi says she is ready to do anything. Juhi says that Neil always takes Avni’s name. Gururma tells Juhi that she has taught her to trap men for 5 years and now she has to trap Neil. Juhi gets balloon for Mishti. Some parents look at Mishti and recognise her as Neil and Juhi’s love child. The women ask their children not to play with Mishti as her parents are not married.  Shweta scolds the woman. The women tell Shweta that she has not given good values to her son. Shweta fights back but Bebe asks her to keep quiet and tells the women to take away their children. Mishti asks why the children were taken away and whether she is bad. Juhi tells Shweta that everyone is accusing Mishti. Juhi says that Mishti will ask her why she is not married to her father. Avni tells Neil that Mishti will ask why her parents are not married. Neil says that he will teach Mishti to tell the truth as she has mother, father and angel. Juhi ask Mishti not to be scared as her mother is with her.  Avni tells Neil that Mishti needs her own family otherwise her life will be like hers.  Neil is sure that Mishti will have a good life. Neil says that she is a good example for Mishti. Avni cries saying that her own grandmother had called her illegitimate in front of her father. Avni is scared that Mishti will become Ananya. Neil says that Mishti will also have a Neil to protect her. Neil tells Avni that they will make the impossible into possible. Neil hugs Avni.  Later, Avni thinks that Neil is right as she could change because of Neela while Mishti has the love of the entire family. Avni is about to go to Mishti’s room and Juhi stops her. Juhi tells Avni that she is not allowed to go to Mishti’s room without her permission. Avni ask Juhi not to fight unnecessarily. Juhi says that she and Neil are Mishti’s parents and they are enough for her. Avni says that she has saved her life. Juhi asks what is the use of saving her life when her own daughter hates her.  Juhi says that she has decided to take away Mishti away from here forever. Avni asks Juhi to Neil first.  Juhi tells Avni to stop coming between her and Neil. Juhi tells Avni to stop showing her rights on Mishti as she is not showing her rights on Neil. Juhi also says that Mishti will only eat what her mother cooks for her and she takes away the bowl of food from Avni.  Avni cries.

Precap: Bebe tells Shweta that Mishti learnt the word illegitimate and threw stone on her own mother. Shweta asks Bebe whether she wants to get Neil and Juhi married. Bebe says that she is thinking about it. Bebe says that either Neil and Juhi will get married or Mishti will have to leave their house. Neil kisses Avni and Juhi sees this.

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